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  1. I would say they are actually. The likelihood that a guy like Robinson is actually starter quality is more likely than the chance that the handcuff gets meaningful PT.
  2. Robert Foster is on the PS and literally only MVS is a threat to Lazard to take time at #2. I don't expect Lazard putting up huge numbers but he is going like last round in drafts. I will gladly take him over rookie WR's...
  3. Cheers, got him at 114 myself. (Non PPR though so a little better value for the arguments I will make below) Imagine paying up a 4th rounder for Taylor when you can get mack in the 10th. Couldn't be me... In fact, Taylor is one of my least favorite picks in the draft this year at his adp. Going the same spot David Montgomery went last year but Dmont was already labeled the starter and had virtually no competition! Taylor should be going 30 spots lower. Not to mention, Dmont didn't quite end up the best pick last year... (no I am not comparing Dmont's talent to Taylor's but nobody kno
  4. Nobody talking about Rogers coming in for the 8th and Romo for the 9th? T Rogers pitched yesterday too yet still came in for the 8th... I snagged Romo and holding Rodgers for now. But this looks like it could be a serious change of hand for a good MIN team.
  5. Two base knocks today and Owings is taken off with hamstring tightness. Stars really starting to align for this guy, now its on him to keep hitting.
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