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  1. 14 team league , 0.5 PPR. Is Mike Thomas a buy low? I'm wondering if Antonio Brown and Taylor will be enough to swing something.
  2. Ah that's unfortunate. You could maybe pair Mixon with someone? I know he's been a headache to own though.
  3. Are there any other teams in a similar situation as you? As in someone else needing to offload an RB because they're coming up to 2 years.
  4. 14 team 0.5 PPR Got offered CMC and AJ green for my Sanders and AB? Thoughts? I'm thinking of countering with JT and AB for just CMC. He really wants AB.
  5. 1000% this. Had me questioning the play calling too. Why run JT straight up the guts into a mountain of players?
  6. I would take Bell. Any part of that chiefs offence is good. Got to trust big Andy.
  7. I personally wouldn't do any of those deals. You've got good depth and Kyler is having a killer season. Just came off an 8 completion passing game for like 30 points.
  8. If I was you I'd 100% hold DHop. Maybe work a trade for Waller? Doesn't have the Kelce name but he's a very solid TE.
  9. 14 team 0.5 PPR. Reckon Smith is the go with the Saints WR injuries?
  10. Anyone think Gallup is worth a flier this week? Ive been decimated by injuries and don't have many options. I read Dalton gave him some looks in the redzone?
  11. Yeah I think it really comes down to how good AJ can be. I have him in my league and I have a gut feel that he will be a beast for the remainder of the season. So I probably value him a little too highly. But I think golladay and AJ is fair for Devante and Parker. If the trade doesn't go, offer Golladay and Jefferson for just Adams.
  12. Yeah 100% Golladay and AJ are way too much. Imo Golladay is a WR1 and AJ brown is trending that way. Can you base the trade on draft selections? I'm guessing Devante was taken top 5-10 but has already been Injured. Golladay would be roughly 15-20? I'm also assuming AJ would of been selected prior to Parker.
  13. There will be alot of bias so it's hard to convince a majority. Maybe they're upset that the trade gives you a better player and added ruggs, good depth. You could counter with just Devante and Parker ?
  14. Jee some of these are tough. Straight off the bat I like trade 1 because Gio is just a filler and Godwin IMO is a huge buy low at the moment. I also don't hate trade 3. Only issue is MT hurt his hamstring so not sure when he's back.
  15. Yeah, I wouldn't do it. CMC is great value but both DJ and Godwin seem like a lot to give up and will hurt your WR depth.
  16. Agree with others. If he plays Jonnu is a lock. I think they'll both have solid floors this week fwiw.
  17. I agree with Tusb. You can role out Adams and DK. That's an elite pair. I do like AJ brown though but he Parker is still serviceable.
  18. IMO I'd take Adams and Parker. I'd suggest though trying to offer Golladay and Jefferson for Devante and see if he bites.
  19. 14 team league and need to pick up 2 of any of these players due to late injuries. Any help is appreciated!
  20. 14 team league. Currently have Colts DST but looking to drop for Bucs. My waiver priority is at the tail end so I think I'll be unlikely to get them. Rams DST is available. Are they worth a punt or am I better off holding Colts?
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