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  1. 3 hours ago, FooserX said:

    I watch red zone, so I am not able to watch the entire game… But only one goal line Carry the playcalling was absolutely ridiculous. They had JT run straight into a pile of people. Then they pull them out and let Wilkins run an EZ design play where there’s nobody blocking him. JT would’ve scored that easily.

    1000% this. Had me questioning the play calling too. Why run JT straight up the guts into a mountain of players? 

  2. 2 minutes ago, JacobThunder15 said:

    Thats where Im at, Brown and Golladay is too much but now its at a point where the league is controlling a trade just because the other GM doesnt know how to make a good deal. He isnt tanking, I assumed fair value but in favor of me

    Yeah I think it really comes down to how good AJ can be. I have him in my league and I have a gut feel that he will be a beast for the remainder of the season. So I probably value him a little too highly. But I think golladay and AJ is fair for Devante and Parker. If the trade doesn't go, offer Golladay and Jefferson for just Adams.  

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  3. 2 minutes ago, JacobThunder15 said:

    Thats what im trying to do, but everyone only wants a Aj Brown and Golladay for Adams trade, and imo that risk is not worth the trade. I took it so I could get some reassurance in depth as well as Adams

    Yeah 100% 

    Golladay and AJ are way too much. 

    Imo Golladay is a WR1 and AJ brown is trending that way. 

    Can you base the trade on draft selections? 

    I'm guessing Devante was taken top 5-10 but has already been Injured. Golladay would be roughly 15-20?

    I'm also assuming AJ would of been selected prior to Parker. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, JacobThunder15 said:

    My league is upset because it helps my team significantly, basically putting me in 1st. What is my argument to say this shouldnt have been vetoed?

    There will be alot of bias so it's hard to convince a majority. Maybe they're upset that the trade gives you a better player and added ruggs, good depth. You could counter with just Devante and Parker ? 

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