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  1. How many of y'all have the stones to start him? I sure don't. Were the Eagles reasonable they'd give a heavy dose of Sanders and work in RPO and play action stuff to make Jalen's life easier. But they didn't make any good adjustments when they had Wentz so why would they start now?
  2. In my 0.5 PPR league, I've got a number of flex options, neither of which are that great. How would you go with? WHIR Duke Johnson @ Chicago, Miles Sanders @ NO, Russell Gage @ Chargers, or Perriman @ Seattle ? Thanks in advance and will help in return
  3. Looking forward to drafting this kid next year, also hoping for more losses this season, but with more scoring. The front office needs to can Anthony Lynn and get a good offensive mind in here who recognizes Herbert is a Ferrari and not a Toyota Corolla
  4. Great flex or rb2 option with Gibson possibly out next week. He's got a fairly safe floor of around 10 with all the targets he'll get as I see the WFT having to pass more when they'll be unable to run the ball with Barber
  5. I face the same dilemma except it's in my flex position between those two. The risk of Snell is he plays Monday night so it's possible that Conner could get cleared Sunday or early Monday and render your RB2 useless.
  6. I just grabbed Snell. I'm not comfortable starting his this week until we see how the touch balance shakes out but with Covid running wild any kind of RB depth is valuable + blocking the Conner owner from cuffing is always satisfying
  7. Hope to see a good week here so I can feel confident running him out next week. With the barren landscape at TE I'm holding onto him and hoping he doesn't get injured so his role can continue to expand over time
  8. I've been hoarding two defenses now for the last week or two, the Browns and Saints. Saints get the Broncos this week and the Browns have the Jags. Saints get the Eagles in week 14. Browns have Giants and Jets in week 15 and 16.
  9. I googled Chargers inactives and two hours ago Sports Illustrated Pope was NOT listed as inactive. Can't find anything that does list him as inactive. I reckon that announcer just misspoke
  10. That was basically his only involvement in the game and it was strictly to vulture Sanders
  11. Am running him out this week as a flex. I understand the Hasty comparisons some are making but I reject them based on the notion that we've already seen Pope come out and put up a good game. Furthermore, he's playing in an ascendant offense playing at a high level rather than in a rudderless one like the 49ers
  12. Anyone who hasn't done so should add Boston Scott or seek to trade for him. Sanders schedule is looking juicy and with the whole offense getting healthy we've got ourselves a back with a great ceiling and a high floor
  13. I think this will be my strategy also. I know going rb heavy was popular this year but I'll probably put that strategy on steroids next year. I play in an auction league which makes this strategy more accessible but the dearth of RBs contrasted with the plethora of WR2s and other useable options makes me wonder why I even bother drafting more than the two WRs necessary to fill out my lineup
  14. If Big Ben isn't playing Mixon becomes a high end start. Game script will favor him big time. If Ben starts he's more of a rb2/flex play
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