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  1. 27.85 from Brady.....Hoping/Praying for the vintage Brady 4-5 TD game.
  2. Absolutely baffling that he only got 16 touches.....Should have had an even bigger game,.
  3. Raiders are tied for first, I fully expect him to come back focused and ready to go this week, he's due for a big week (90 and 2 TD's). Lol
  4. This guy could be in amazing spot this week.....Cooper banged up and the Chiefs are getting abused by WR's week in week out.
  5. Well yeah he may not throw for 5 TD's but he is a near lock for 300+ and 3 td's.
  6. Is there actually concern over his status? I've heard nothing and fully expect him to be a full go.
  7. Did you miss out on him or something? Lynch for example had 18 carries week 1 but has not had more than 14 carries or eclipsed 70 yards since. Perine just had 23 carries for 117 yards and Thompson is now out for the year. There is a reason people are overreacting and excited about Perine moving forward. The Redskins are also a capable offense and score points on a week to week basis so scoring opportunities will be there. I guess im just not understanding where your hate is coming from. Im certainly not considering him an RB1 however if he gets 20+ touches a game in this offense he has some
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