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  1. Can we all agree this offense looks different than it has with Brady? If Damien is a quality back, he has a shot at being the lead dog with the competition he faces. There's possible value. All we can do it stash and wait and see.
  2. You make good points. I just felt in my gut that Cam, the dude with 5 top-4 fantasy finishes at QB, is back to form, and Gurly will never be the guy he used to be.
  3. He actually didn't get the goal line work last week and wasn't even targeted once. Zero broken tackles is a concern. I could easily be wrong but Todd looks slow and extremely average.
  4. Never want to see anyone get hurt so if Ingram decided he needed to take a personal month, I'd support it. J.K just needs that shot to prove he's worthy of at least a 50/50 share. Dudes got almost 21 fantasy points (ppr) on 10 total touches with a 7.78 ypc average.
  5. Those are valid points. I love Newton's situation alot more than Watson's. Although newton's style of play can lead to injury, it also leads to rushing yards and TDs. He's as healthy as I've seen him in 3 years, easily. He's also throwing it around like he's never hurt that shoulder before. He looks really good, plays in a great system, and has that extra motivation to put up or shut up. There's a human side to this and my gut, eyes, and his proven track record when healthy, have me completely sold.
  6. Not a Chark fan in any way so he doesn't move the needle for me. Cam was drafted in every league I'm in by owners smarter than me. Trades are subjective, based on needs, and should not take into account draft position. If Cam balls out, Ekeler does his thing, Chark would be the X factor. If I had multiple backs I liked and was staring at Wentz as my qb, I would entertain that trade. People put different values on players than other people. It's ok!
  7. It's been 3 weeks right? Any updates on his possible return?
  8. Well done sir! Next step is the All-Time team. I bet O.J Simpson makes the cut. He would be knifing his way through defenses on this team
  9. I just traded away Gurley for Cam straight up in a 12 team half ppr and also traded away Juju and Stafford for Cam and Slayton in a 14 team full ppr. I personally can't stand the guy but he looks like prime Newton playing under two dominant coaches. He's also the goal line back and short yardage guy. Easily could finish top 5 maybe top 1-2.
  10. J.D McKissic, T.J Hockenson, A.J Dillion, and A.J Brown. That's all I got for now.
  11. Honorable mentions to DeeJay Dallas and CeeDee Lamb.
  12. E.J Manuel and A.J Feely need to come out of retirement unless we can think of another active one.
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