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  1. How is Gallegos not the closer he’s just filthy?
  2. And this is why you don’t give 14 year 340 million dollar contract to injury prone players like Tatis jr.
  3. Guys yahoo is the best fantasy baseball platform by far. It makes sense they switch to FAB style budgets, its miles better than their old system.
  4. Yahoo is the the best fantasy baseball platform by a mile and has always been. I don't know why people keep talking smack about Yahoo.
  5. Yahoo pro leagues are officially back friends. Let’s play some ball!!!!!
  6. Yes I believe there will absolutely be no stoppage. I also counter your argument that the players have leverage because they can survive “comfortably”, is that even true? Most players have big payments on their assets they absolutely need their income. Also owners are in a much much more comfortable position than players will ever be. Mark me down there will be no stoppage.
  7. Absolutely zero chance a strike happens, I’ll take bets on that. A strike would give all the leverage to the owners, won’t happen.
  8. Cmon Yahoo get the pro leagues out already I want to take everyone's money.
  9. Henry was humiliated at home in their most important game of the season. That will happen when you are one dimensional.
  10. Lol all of your opinions come with no facts. Kamara has been the superior fantasy player the day he stepped into the league and that's just facts. Your only argument is that if Brees retires he'll be bad? Lol that's just a laughable opinion with the smallest of sample sizes and Hill was thrown into the fire in the middle of the season. Also with such a big workload that Henry needs to be viable he's more likely to come down with a serious injury than Kamara. Kamara is not volatile in fact the complete opposite LOL.
  11. Alvin Kamara will do fine with or without Brees next year. Taysom was thrown into the fire those 3 games, with preparation they will realize their team runs through Kamara and the short passes. The only sliver of hope that Henry can beat out Kamara is if he gets injured. Zero chance Kamara would get phased out with even with Taysom at qb LOL.
  12. Henry is good but he ain't no Alvin Kamara. Career year for Henry and Kamara still dusted Henry by 44 fantasy points, and even sat out week 17.
  13. Main difference is those guys listed aren't one dimensional and don't have stone hands and can actually catch the ball.
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