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  1. Stafford and Ben have the highest upside I think. Brees probably the safest. Rest are likely just waiver-wire/fillers week-to-week.
  2. 12 team league, largely standard scoring. I received this offer: Give: Benny Snell Get: Michael Gallup, Russell Gage On the surface, I think most people would say its an easy accept. However, I already think I'm in decent shape at WR, and my RBs are hot garbage: Start: QB, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, TE, 3 W/R/T spots RBs: Dobbins, Howard, White, Lindsay (now hurt), Edmonds, Snell WRs: Thielen, Beckham, Woods, Hollywood Brown, Campbell, MVS The only reservation about the trade is that I think Conner will miss a few weeks, and I think Pittsburgh LOVES Snell and that he is in for a much bigger workload in the short term and will likely be in a 50/50 split with Conner when he returns. I'm so weak at RB already. That being said, Gallup would slide in as probably a 4th or 5th receiver for me, and I can start as many as 6 in a given week. Gage is mostly a throw in, though I guess he would have large value with a Ridley/Julio injury. Thoughts on the deal?
  3. 14 team 0.5 PPR. Had the 10th pick overall: QB: Wentz, Mayfield RB: Drake, Dobbins, Coleman, Edmonds, Snell WR: Hopkins, JuJu, Keenan Allen, Landry TE: Doyle
  4. OK, but there isn't a draft strategy on the planet that guarantees anything. The likelihood of you having a roster full of above average players is so small that it's really not worth considering. If you want two top 20 RBs, its likely to cost you a shot at a top 10-15 WR. That's generally how it works. Some years you'll do better, some years you'll do worse.
  5. Do the math... In a 10 team league, the goal should be to get 3 top 30 WRs, on average. So last year, in the top 30 (standard scoring), we had: Bucs : Godwin and Evans (2 and 11) Falcons: Julio and Ridley (4 and 25) Rams: Kupp and Woods (3 and 19) Cowboys: Cooper and Gallup (8 and 22) Browns: Landry and Odell (14 and 29) Lions: Golladay and Jones (5 and 27) So there's four teams with top 25 combinations, and two more with top 30 combinations. I think every single one of those combos could do it again this year. Also keep in mind that John Brown and Stefon Diggs were both top 30 WRs last year, and are now on the same team, and you've got combinations like Lockett/Metcalf that were just outside of it. I wouldn't go into a draft actively targeting it, but I'm not shying away from drafting two receivers on the same team.
  6. Why do they both have to be top 10? If I could get two top 20 or even top 30 WRs on a roster, and they're both on the same team, so be it. Assuming even a 10 team league, you're likely going to only have one top 10 player from each position on average.
  7. Would be helpful to see the rest of your roster. Basically, where does McLaurin or CEH fit into your roster? Are they starting every week or just bench stashes?
  8. Stand pat for now. Think Jonnu has a good year but I also think he'll be TD dependent and won't see nearly enough volume to have stand-alone TE1 value without like 6-8 TDs or more. In a vacuum Preston Williams will outscore him.
  9. Well he averaged 23 points/game last year, so I'm not sure 25 is conservative. When he was shattering records two years ago, he was around 31 PPG, which I don't think you'll see again. He may be a sure thing to get you 25, but there's also at least a half dozen other QBs, or more, who are a sure thing to get you 20-22 points/game, and that's on the conservative side also. Do you want to pay like a 3-4 round premium for 3 points/week? I don't.
  10. Should you take him in the first round? No, and here's why. 1. All 6 points/TD does is reduce Lamar's value a little bit. It doesn't make other QB's value go up. It makes the POSITION more valuable, but not necessarily individual players. 2. Why is he so much more ahead of everybody else that he needs to go that early? Look at 2019. In a 6 point/TD league, Mahomes, on a PPG basis, was very comparable to a lot of other QBs. Mahomes = 23.0 Dak = 23.4 Wilson = 21.4 Watson = 21.8 His 16 game expectation would have been 30-31 TDs. I don't think its realistic to expect him to throw 50 again. A good year would be 40. He should be the #1 QB taken, but I'm certainly not taking him in the first two rounds if it were me. There's just not going to be enough separation between he and, say, the 4th or 5th best QB, to warrant that kind of usage, especially when you can get somebody like Watson or Wilson or Dak at least 2-3 rounds later most of the time.
  11. Think you're in good shape. Would probably drop a RB and add some depth at WR or TE though. I'm not as high on Roethlisberger this year, so you may struggle at QB.
  12. WR you're obviously in great shape. You're in rough shape at RB, especially in a 10 team, and you easily have the worst QB situation in the league. I'd probably rather have Goff or Cousins than Jimmy G, but would recommend you carry 2-3 of them and just stream every week. I would probably look to maybe pickup Harris or Chris Thompson off waivers and rop one of your receivers. Probably DJax or AJ Green.
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