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  1. 16 team league with 2 flex spots so it gets thiiiiiinnnn lol !!
  2. Tee Higgins , Keke Coutee, Miles Sanders (😢) Tim Patrick, D. Washington .5 ppr, 1 pt every 15 yards, kills me to have to put sanders in this list but made the playoffs in spite of him ...
  3. “Corey was one of our backs at the end of the game in our four-minute offense. He’s a little bit bigger back, he’s capable of running between the tackles that way, he’s powerful, he’s big, so by design, by game plan design, he was in on those specific plays at the end of the game.”
  4. Haha !! This makes me laugh as a Jets fan. I would kill for any one of these guys !!
  5. Conner looked absolutely fine on sideline and walking off.... that was just an outright benching.
  6. PPR who you starting - Anyone concerned Cooper gets taken away by Ramsey.
  7. Was offered Lev Bell, Aaron Rodgers, and Golladay for Barkley, McLaulin, Kyler Murray. 12 team PPR- QB Murray (lost Cam) RB Barkley, White, McCoy, Ronald Jones, Gore WR K. Allen, Lockett, McLaulin, (lost AB 🤬) TE Waller
  8. How you feeling now ? And btw I’m 50 lol !!
  9. Montgomery seems open on flair route quite a few times and Trubisky never even looks his way, even after he has one nice grab tonight
  10. Great day for me. Antonio and Montgomery both became useless lol !!
  11. Montgomery looking like a wasted pick right now... behind immortal Mike Davis
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