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  1. Title says it all click the link for your invite to the league! Please be active. 730 eastern time https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/948644/invitation?key=c40d7c9004f88a1b&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=d3eeb94a711554a7
  2. I like it RBs are a bit meh but overall nice
  3. Keep cmc dude just turned 24 has 4 or 5 prime years left in him with experience he’ll only get better
  4. Not crazy at all. Barkley will have a monster year fully healthy
  5. Or in a full PPR is Thomas more valuable then Cook or Henry?
  6. So in the end it seems I’m not getting a top 3 RB for Thomas. My new question is would you Trade Thomas in a full PPR league for a Derrick Henry or Dalton Cook? I of course would take Kamara for him which I already sent that trade doubt it will happen. But my main question what do you think? M.Thomas for D.Henry or M.Thomas for D.Cook? If so which would you try?
  7. Mahomes at 3 isn’t anything to cry about. I’ve seen QBs like Peyton Manning carry there team to a championship. Mahomes reminds me of Manning. Then again I wouldn’t take Mahomes over zeke so I can see where he’s coming from. In the end I think he has to just take Mahomes which isn’t that bad it’s not like it auto drafted Tom Brady then there would be a problem.
  8. Henry is the only RB I would consider out of the ones you named for Thomas. Thanks for your opinion I’ll try for Henry along with Kamara
  9. Rush I appreciate your opinion but I doubt I’ll get any of those 3 for Thomas. I’m thinking more of Kamara. If I offer Thomas for cmc or zeke and get them then your a fantasy god.
  10. I’d absolutely trade mixon for hill. Hill is the second best WR behind Thomas because of his QB
  11. Running backs an A+. Your WR could use some work but I guess that’s the price you pay taking Kamara and cook. Solid team overall
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