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  1. would appreciate some assistance with mine as well if you have any input
  2. seems like it, but drake doesnt really seem to be performing that hot lately, but Drake did get hurt in the game and if he sits for any reason i could see dropping hines for edmonds working out atleast for a few weeks.
  3. Gage - i feel every game will be a shootout so he will get this targets and when Quinn gets fired, Dirk Keutter(dont know the spelling) becomes interim HC and he is more pass happy then Quinn Shenault- Gadget player that is seeing spots everywhere and as long as Chark is healthy, he has upside Harry- Will see alot of targets tonight i would imagine and moving forward should see more targets and edelman will get hurt at some point S Miller- TB loves the small slot guys and will get healthy targets moving forward A Miller- not certain how this pans out with the QB situation, Foles should be able to move the ball around but... Green- i feel that the bengals decided to move forward with Higgins and it wouldnt surprise me if green is traded here soon or by the deadline help with mine plz
  4. yea i would wait until you find out if Adams is playing, i do like Gage more and MVS drops the ball alot but obviously if Adams is out roll with MVS and if not than go with Gage. help with mine
  5. Does anyone know how to take over another players team in the ESPN format? Im the commish in our 12 team full PPR league and a owner has given up on his team after week 1 when Barkley went out and then Kittle got hurt. I've texted him numerous times trying to get him to be competitive but he continues to not do anything. I tried changing his roster yesterday and I don't know how to do it, does anyone in here know how to change other peoples lineup as the LM? I had a dilemma with him yesterday because he played Diontae Johnson in his flex and i told him to change it but he ignored me and left him in, I didn't want it to be an easy win for the other guy but by the time the SF/Philly game started last night the last place team with a player on bye was up by 22 pts so i left the player in but moving forward i will be setting his lineup.
  6. Do yall think Edmonds will pass Drake, he didnt do much in this game or are you the drake owner
  7. wilson, McKinnon and Moestert will be back fully next week and McKinnon is back this week
  8. henderson and singletary.....i heard something this morning that they might hold hunt out this week due to the injury
  9. inconsistent, he should of had a hell of a game last week and he just vanished after that TD.....mind you he has one good week and one bad week and this could be his good one but i would rather use Schultz Cox or even Tonyan if Adams is out for GB
  10. who else do you have on your bench that could be droppable, i really think that if Higgins balls out again for the next few weeks then they will try and move Green like they did in the offseason.
  11. i would try Kenny G for Robinson, he is going to blow up again this week against the Bengals. I would think that if you were to get Jacobs you would have to add something and have to do a 2 for 2 deal with a low end person coming back as well
  12. i would drop Harry, Higgins could amount to something if Cincy is looking for the future now
  13. but there are 3-4 TE's that are performing better then Hurst that consistently sit on the WW, so im not certain anyone would want him which sucks because he has the same amount of TD's in 3 games that he had in 2 seasons with BAL
  14. yea that 1st offer wont get you anywhere...i could potentially see the other one working, you can send it out and see what happens
  15. i would say buffalo, they have the better DST out of the 4 with the better matchup with ARI right behind them
  16. higgins, Cincy was talking about possibly moving Green during the offseason. If that happens then Higgins production blows up, also Renfrow production will decrease once Ruggs/Edwards come back
  17. i just traded for Deebo, if he plays this week thats great but if they hold him another week then thats even better. But he and Kittle will get all the targets with Aiyuk getting some peppered in. also Akers has 2 other RB's to worry about
  18. in the same boat here as well, I currently have Goff penciled in but am waiting to hear the reports on MT. If he is good to go i might change and play Brees. Goff is could hit 2 TD's and then they just run the ball. coin flip until we here more on MT
  19. yea.... Gage- ATL is doing nothing but throwing the ball and Gage has gotten a ton of targets as the slot WR3 for the team, if hes outta concussion protocol and jones is back he will see alot of the underneath targets Higgins- Higgins should up last week and could be good moving forward only downside is they could of done that to push green to be more productive, also if they trade Green midseason than he will have a great rest of the season Shenault- Shenault is a really good gadget WR that helped me lose last week haha, maybe with Chark being back he might get more looks on screens and slot type of plays plus the touches as well Claypool- I would put claypool higher up the list but if Diontae gets out of the concussion protocol then claypool drops to a WR4 with high boom plays every once in a while Herndon - NO NO NO.....do not play jets players, thats the best i can put here
  20. thanks for the help with mine, out of all of them i would do mckinnon 1st and aiyuk or gage after that
  21. id be worried about wilson though cause moestert and mckinnon could be and more than likely are back this week
  22. no i have Hurst but im going to drop him for Mo Allie-Cox i believe unless i cant trade him
  23. yea i like jacobs alot this year but i just traded to get JT because i think he will have a stellar year and alot of the analysts have JT in the top 5 ROS help with mine
  24. id say Gibson because it looks like Mckinnon with play and if thats the case wilson will get the carries and he had 15 yrds on 12 carries last week, not pretty at all and Gibson seems to be getting stronger as the season goes help with mine
  25. yea for the most part i would say coin flip but gun to my head i would lean towards the moss side help with mine https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/826395-pickup-who-and-play-whowhir/
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