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  1. Is this Eagles 🦅 TE situation another 2021 Timeshare with Ertz & Goedert? Instead of top 10 numbers for 1, do they both fall into 15-20 range in the TE pool? Looks like a dice roll week to week who’s getting targets & TD’s…
  2. With Michael Thomas to miss part of season early; thoughts on his opportunity? He looked good when given the shot last year before year end injury. Tre’Quan Smith has still not “broken out” after many previous openings. Add in as Stash in 16 Teamer!
  3. Exactly! Either he can play & contribute to Eagles 🦅 or another NFL Team in 2021 or he’s washed. Maybe it’s a “final cut” timeline other Teams are waiting on? But, one would think in the City that Booed & Threw snowballs at Santa some beat writer has got an opinion to share on Ertz; CMON it’s Philly.
  4. Cleats! Thanks much appreciate your opinion! Only Matt Ryan long ball accuracy, is hurting his double digits in TD receptions. Perhaps their OC can fine-tune some routes, that Ryan throws well when they near the Redzone! He’ll be gone in late first or early second rounds in most leagues, just like Julio used to be drafted!
  5. Hey “Cleats”: Thoughts on Ridley getting opponents CB1 every game now Julio is gone? Last year he struggled with foot/ankle injuries; is he now healthy after surgery? Will Falcons be slow to let him go full out like Barkley & GMen during early season. Thoughts & opinion please & Thx 🙏
  6. Did not see a thread in the 2021 Index for him...Seeking thoughts from Philly Eagles Fans. News is sparse except from Eagles long-time game announcer quoted as Ertz going to Buffalo is next to certain or something along that line. Locals website chatter is mixed with Trade or keep commentary. If he goes to Josh Allen’s Bills he could be very dangerous if healthy! Late Round Fantasy Gold? Or Fools Gold!?
  7. ^ Exactly, you can’t explain away, taking one of the NFL’s most dynamic WR & placing him on the Bench; when others are dropping multiple targets every game. He’s slinging a lot of Bullshit.
  8. I hope he can recover some of his 2019 MVP form in 2nd half of this season. Seems to be rushing to make something happen in an offense that lacks any imagination. He’s a tremendous athlete & Ravens OC Roman’s play calling in 2020 is predictable at best. When Willie Snead is your “go to” option in the passing game, something has gone very, very wrong in your offensive scheme.
  9. Have Bengals commented on MRI results or if Mixon has had his injured foot scanned with an MRI?
  10. Thoughts on Quintez for Vikings game with Golladay out? Pretty good history of targets from Stafford earlier this year when Kenny was out. Dart throw between, Swift, Hock, Marvin Jones, Hall, Amendola for targets...
  11. First game back from IR, SF will run lots of 2 TE sets going forward. Bigger games coming!
  12. Hopefully, history repeats, Julio sees 20 targets with 229 receiving yards & 3 TD’s! Giddy up
  13. Exactly, great fill-in for Aiyuk! Hold him with SF injuries could be option again. Congrats to all who played him last night.
  14. [...] Ervin is the "gadget" guy, Dexter could surprise tonight. ARod's comments from yesterday, along the lines of Williams making 2nd year strides in pass pro & route running. Perhaps a couple goal line plunges and he gives double digit points. Hope springs eternal.
  15. Yes sir! SF runs a lot of 2 TE sets, probably more tonight with WR depth at bottom now from Covid.
  16. If not this week, when? He might be buds with Lamar, but it's not helping get Jackson to throw accurate passes. Big waste of talent so far this season. Lamar has regressed to a point of pathetic NFL passer, no sorry RB who throws sometimes.
  17. Calling all Ravens Fan/Homers alike...WTF is going on! Did he get any deep targets? Looks like Roman worked on getting Willie Snead more involved & fading Andrews along with Brown!
  18. Lots of chatter last 24 hours, he's pushing for Trade. His response on Twitter to local Bengals writer: https://twitter.com/WatchJRoss/status/1322268464690712577?s=20
  19. JAKE LUTONQB, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS Jaguars selected Oregon State QB Jake Luton with the No. 189 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Luton (6'6/224) started in 20 of 23 career games for the Beavers, joining Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Fields as one of only three FBS quarterbacks with 21-plus touchdown passes and three or fewer interceptions in 2019. While Luton's gangly frame includes large hands (10 3/8") and sufficient mobility to exten
  20. Fire 🔥 him up! DARRELL HENDERSONRB, LOS ANGELES RAMS Darrell Henderson (thigh) was removed from the Week 7 injury report and will play Monday against the Bears. Henderson practiced in full Saturday after sitting out Friday. He played a season-high 53% of the snaps last week against the Niners and continues to look like the back to own in L.A., though coach Sean McVay c
  21. Just grabbed him today, he should see lot's of targets with Robinson getting Rams Ramsey & Saints Lattimore next two games.
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