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  1. Never stream a dogshi* defense (houston) because of a perceived “good matchup”. And in general matchups are way overrated. There are very few true shutdown corners or dominating run defenses to avoid. And on the flip side never trade for an inferior player because of a “good schedule” or try to offload a stud because of a “tough schedule”. It rarely works out.
  2. there are going to be so many good qbs next year it will be dumb to take allen at his adp (as much as I love him). Depending on rehab, Dak will be there later. Herbert. Burrow. Hurts. Wilson. Watson. Tannehill. Rodgers etc etc. most of them will be available in the mid to later rounds (6+)
  3. Definitely feeling that bittersweetness. Had Allen on both my teams this year and both won. Picked him up last yr as a streamer and rolled with him most of the year and he was my top qb target in drafts based on ADP. Had high hopes for him but definitely never expected him to be this good. Watched so many bills games this year cuz of fantasy, and he's become my favorite player in the league. Def going to suck not having him next year.
  4. I think its still clearly CMC. He was as good or slightly better than last year (in very limited time albeit). In three games he averaged 28ppg in 0.5 (would've been over 30; he left early one game and davis came in and scored 11 pts). He had no injury history and had bad injury luck this year. None of the injuries should carry over to next year.
  5. Qb: Allen Rb: CMC/ Davis Rb: Sanders Wr: Adams Wr: Ridley Wr: Thielen TE: Kelce flex: Carson dst: stream k: Koo 10 team. Hit on every draft pick and made a bunch of trades. Cmc and allen, and kelce are the only guys I drafted. Drafted allen, diggs (6th), Fuller (7th) Gibson, higgins, and lamb all late and managed to flip them at peak/ close to peak value.
  6. Need a big game out of adams. How much does this snow hurt? Obv not good. But is it going to be impossible to throw?
  7. I went houston with the exact same options
  8. Higgins @ Houston with no boyd Reagor @ Dallas Tyron Johnson vs Denver awful secondary and no Keenan Zack Moss @ NE. Full PPR. WHIR. thanks
  9. its really impossible to decipher. Can honestly make a case for all of them. And maybe all 3 are solid plays who knows. Seems like johnson would be the safest and williams the highest upside? Gonna be thinking about this one for a while.
  10. Ya but hes a 9ers fan so we should all trust what he says
  11. Man this is such bs. Wilson looked incredible. They couldn't stop him. He was in for a monster game.
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