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  1. One week matchup for the ship, I'm up 20 with Bills D going against... STEFON DIGGS
  2. Injuries have popped up Zeke or pollard Coutee or claypool Need upside, dude has gaskin, henry, ridley, diggs, kelce
  3. First Saquon, then Dak, I've had Golladay all year, traded for Miles Sanders, traded for Kittle.... It won't end
  4. 2 qb league, first pick Saquon, 3rd pick Dak, just traded for miles sanders.. STILL have the most points scored in the league but sitting 3-3 because I play against Tyler higbee on his 3td week and derrick henry/Matt ryan this last week. Still pulling for the championship tho
  5. Post your roster please To answer your question, I don't think that's possible
  6. I'm voting fulgham until san fran figures out how to play football
  7. Man, what is this a 14 team? Haha, this is actually much closer now, but it still might be a good move long term. Youd almost definitely lose this week without mattison, and then hopefully cmac is coming back next. Honestly I think this comes down to your current record and how good you feel about picking up some guys that aren't on any teams because it's a 4-1. He might have to drop some guys to take what you give. Challenging decision, but those guys you're giving aren't great so if there are some decent replacements, even mecole could be really good the next few weeks, so just w
  8. Yeah, this is a tough call, personally I'd go hollywood for the ceiling
  9. Easiest trade of your life, take cmc
  10. Take a shot on gallup, dalton looks his way. Geisikikiekekdh as a second option
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