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  1. I'm in if this is still going to happen. looks like 1/2 full right now
  2. same thing happened to me. I have BOTH Larry Chonka and Frank Lebrun. I "left" after creating Chonka, but the team stayed i guess
  3. we're down to 10. we could do a 10 team draft...
  4. ok i'm back in then let's get 1 more in the next 30 mins
  5. just joined. taking the dog out, so will check back after that
  6. as of 6:15 EST, looks like a bunch of people just paid. personal request: I'm on west coast time and have work holding me through the afternoon. If you guys can start at all late, or even just take your time while you draft, that would be awesome. I'm trying to set my rankings in espn so it will autodraft for me, just in case, but it would be more fun if i could draft. The draft is the best part of the season! I'm paid an in regardless, just hoping to get my own draft
  7. ok, can we call it off for pre- tonight's game? too late. Let's just figure out a time that works over the next few days. I'm in the fire on the west coast, so nothing going on this weekend
  8. i've done 20 seconds before. it was mildly annoying, but it's doable
  9. just paid. let's go! need to crush your spirits starting in 10 minutes.
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