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  1. Akers is worth a stash, I'd drop Big Ben or Graham for him. TE is streamable every week (except if you have kelce kittle andrews maybe waller) and QB you can stream during Dak's bye week. Don't need to carry two unless it's superflex. thanks for mine!
  2. I would make that deal. Taylor has had a couple down games, yes there is some risk that this is his new normal and the first couple weeks were the anomaly, however IMO Taylor is better season long value than Hunt. (Is this redraft or keeper?) And Allen has gotten a ton of targets from Herbert. And there is no QB drama. Herbert is starter. Look up how Herbert's been talking about Allen. Clearly Allen is going to keep getting lots of targets. Mclaurin is great but Haskins sucks and now Kyle Allen is not much better, at a minimum there's uncertainty. AJ Brown I could go either way, I gu
  3. Honestly I have no idea how to approach a 20-team league... But, IMO depending on rest of your roster, I think you won the Murray trade, he's a very safe floor with his rushing. And the wr class is deep, easier to replace than a good rushing QB (maybe 20-team changes this though?) I would not have done the Chubb trade, depending how badly you need receivers. In a 20-team I bet it's even harder than usual to find good RBs? and chubb will be back long before the playoffs Mine?
  4. Somebody dropped him to waivers, idk why. How much do I bid on him? $59 left 10-team full PPR, 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2WRT Starters QB: Roethlisberger RB: Kamara, Mixon, Gibson WR: Tyreek, Evans, Anderson TE: Cook Bench Brady, Moss, Ingram, Preston Williams, Higgins
  5. I'd drop it all on Mostert. Won't get a better opportunity to get someone that good who's healthy Need a second reliable RB. Throw it all down. I bet others in your league are thinking the same thing. Lol now I kinda want to know what ends up happening. If you remember this comment come back and let me know!
  6. Herbert, cleveland's pass rush is going to get to burrow
  7. Depends on your roster, who do you have? What's your record?
  8. Tough. Volume ends up about the same I bet. Hockenson gets redzone/endzone looks. Tonyan might have just had the best game of his career, against a terrible pass defense -- very few weeks will come that easy. On the other hand the GB offense looks much better. Rodgers looking really good. If I had to pick I'd go Hockenson. Mine?
  9. Not Johnson, Colts rush D is too good -- <80 opp rush ypg. Not Harris, unproven. Not Gaskin, not enough volume. Kelley's your man. Herbert's much better, if Kelley fills in Ekeler's same role you're sitting pretty. Mine?
  10. I'd make the trade. Get Henry, sell high on Mixon. Henry has virtually no competition for touches, his only downside I see is lack of passing involvement. RB rush share more than offsets that IMO. Yes the Titans are "scaring everyone", but I bet they clean it up. Especially if the NFL starts penalizing with draft picks, etc. Davis has a cliff in front of him when CMC comes back, use him if you can as a trade sweetener before then. Mine?
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