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  1. Are you in? if so, you need to pay. Sorry if you're not, we're waiting on a couple guys to pay and not sure who they are
  2. Ok I just created another post, I'll send people the link if they respond. You'll probably want to bump this up every 15 mins or so if there's no responses.
  3. Espn ppr league (could do .5 ppr if league votes to do so) 12 or 14 teams depending on interest $50 buy in, league votes on buyouts Leaguesafe Drafting 9/9 4-5 pm est (snake draft) This is the same league that was posted by elibenk, just looking to get it filled fast.
  4. Sounds good, I just joined. I'll be on my computer all day so I'll keep an eye on the thread and the league lobby to see if we can get enough folks. If we don't get enough by 4pm EST I assume you'll change it to 5pm EST?
  5. Hey - I'm in, how many people are you at? I have a leaguesafe account so good to go there and can do either time you mentioned above.
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