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  1. I wouldn’t make this deal, mostly because you are 1-3. Julio may not play for the next couple of weeks and Odell will be a starter for those two weeks, I would guess.
  2. Made a couple of trades this week for the same 12 man team. With Damien Harris coming off IR and my wanting to pickup Robert Tonyan, I had to clear a couple of roster spots. Sent: Darius Slayton, Evan Engram Received: Henry Ruggs Sent: Jonathan Taylor, Terry McLaurin, Damien Harris Received: Adam Thielen, Antonio Gibson Team looks like this now: RB: Derrick Henry, James Robinson, Antonio Gibson, Kenyan Drake, Jerick McKinnon WR: Adam Thielen, Odell Beckham, Will Fuller, Henry Ruggs, Tee Higgins TE: Tyler Higbee, Robert Tonyan How did I
  3. I would go big on him given your situation. Drop the full $86. He has no business being dropped. But again if you have other weaknesses that will need to be bandaged over throughout the season it does leave you vulnerable.
  4. I will be shocked if the Chargers go back to TT. Some of those throws/plays Herbert made against Tampa were outrageous. Kid has athleticism, rocket arm, and the brain to boot. Thinking he is only going to get better.
  5. At what point do we start considering Herbert over the likes of Ryan, Brees, Goff, and Brady? I have loved what I have seen from this kid the past few weeks. Chargers seem intent on letting him air it out and he's got some decent weapons. He also has some running ability that has helped with moving the sticks and giving his floor a bit of a boost. Matchups with NO, NYJ, Mia, Jax, and LV before a week 10 bye.
  6. With Sutton done for the year, is Hamler worth an add?
  7. Giants fan here. Definitely think that Slayton is a better fantasy play than Shep. The problem with Shep isn’t really the bodily injuries but rather the concussions. He has had numerous in his career and a couple of really scary ones last season. He’s one big hit to the head away from missing multiple weeks again. Slayton is just a true home run hitter and he and Daniel Jones already have a natural chemistry. It took him some time to get up to speed last season and he was eased into the action as a 5th round pick. It became clear how talented he was right when he started getting the
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