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  1. Robinson is also used in the passing game, definitely him. I’d go Ballage over Duke Johnson I’d go with Hurst simply because of the offense and his quarterback. Thanks for the help on mine
  2. Not many tight ends have the upside of Gronk besides I’d say Kelce, Waller, and Hockenson maybe.
  3. Brown also got the red zone looks last week. He’s probably the safer play of the 3 IMO
  4. How is my team set up for the playoff run? I have made many trades, probably the most in my league, to get to this point. Current record is 9-1 and going against the 2nd best team this week who has an 8-2 record. Its a 14 team .5ppr league My team: QB: Murray RB: Chubb, Zeke, Mixon, Ekeler, Mostert, Gio, David Johnson WR: Adams, Michael Thomas, AJ Brown, Allen Robinson, Antonio Brown TE: Gronk, Kittle(IR) D/STs: Rams K: Lutz Do I need to make any more moves or stay put? Whir!
  5. My league hoards QBs so all that is left on the waiver is Foles, DiNucci, Lock, Darnold, and D Jones.
  6. Just hang in another week or 2. Chubb will be back. Id stick with Kittle
  7. I passed on Tua for Rivers. I only need Rivers for this week, rather Rivers go against the Lions than Tua vs Donald and the Rams.
  8. Goedert or Coleman. Probably Goedert just because he doesnt have 2 other tight ends to worry about
  9. Id go with Higgins. Dont trust anyone on the Jets offense besides Crowder.
  10. Thomas side definitely. I have a feeling since he practiced on a limited basis, he should be back next week for the Bucs matchup. That gives him a 2 week rest with the hamstring issue.
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