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  1. I am making a Fantasy Football Dynasty League that will draft on Friday 11/6. Rosters will be QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Flex/Flex/Superflex with bench/taxi TBD. (League polls before start to make sure everyone is on the same page) Entry fee for this year will just be $40 since we are halfway in this season - next year will be $80 **both must be paid upfront to ensure complete and competitive seasons for all** The total will be $120 to join (LEAGUESAFE) We will either Auction on ESPN and transfer to Sleeper or just Snake on Sleeper (majority rules) Working on having a
  2. https://sleeper.app/i/E9oog3dKK207 DECIMATED BY INJURIES? COVID RUIN YOUR “MUST-WIN” GAME? DO YOU JUST SUCK AT FANTASY AND WANT A SHOT AT REDEMPTION FOR THE SEASON? Look no more! We have a fine group of degenerate drafting donkeys that just like to play some fantasy but love to draft and throw banter. Hello <@all> and welcome to the Final Fantasy Draft of the season. This will be a $50 entry Auction H2H Rest of Season League. Top two places and highest points will be paid. Payments will be made via league-safe. We will draft on either Yahoo or ESPN then
  3. CORRECTION DRAFTING AT 10:00est 3 more needed! scoring won’t start until next week
  4. $25 Guillotine Auction Draft tonight @ 9:00EST for those decimated by injuries or just a degenerate like us.. Leaguesafe Drafting on ESPN (Auction) Transferring and playing on Sleeper https://sleeper.app/i/mRnx34ZzwME5
  5. I was about to submit payment but wanted to see payout first. I’ll go skim back through that one
  6. i think you’re the guy on the other thread I just replied on, but I’m down Luushotya@gmail.com
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