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  1. To swap out a DST EVERY week? No, that usually isn't the norm.
  2. I'm not so sure JuJu is 100%, the problem there is Pitt has 3 legit WR's besides JuJu, who seems to be a decoy at this point. Then the problem with Waller is most know he's the only consistent threat LV has, shut him down and you shut down LV. IMO of course. Reasons to keep JRobinson: Zeke BYE Wk 10 - Pitt plays Cinci and Jax is at GB Connor BYE Wk 8 - Dall plays Phil and Jax is at LAC - so you need to find a RB for Wk 8 and 10, JAX is on a BYE Wk 7 Would I trade JR for Waller if I had two good RB's? - YES.
  3. Baker is out this week and Case Keenum is starting for CLV at Cinci. And Tua is going in Miami, so you have to consider that too.
  4. I am thinking of just taking a new DST every week. Just looking on the WW to see who is playing a team that isn't playing too well, or a team playing a new QB.
  5. Do you think your team will make the playoffs? I know it's early, but that's one big thing I look at, Weeks 14-15-16-17 SF plays Wash @Dall @Az Sea TN plays @Jax Det @GB @Hou TB plays Minn @Atl @Det Atl again.
  6. My logic is Philly just lost two (more) skill position starters on offense, so their defense will be on the field A LOT. Will they get worn down?
  7. Put in two claims, the first for TB, the second for LAR, if you don't get TB then you will (probably) get the LAR with your next choice. I am going out on a limb and considering picking up the Cinci DST - playing CLV at home who is starting Case Keenum.
  8. The problem is, damned near EVERYONE is 'talked up' in camps. You never hear anyone say 'yeah, he's our guy, but he blows...'
  9. Good grief you are correct, Sorry, it just seems like he's missed a few games every season. Sorry again.
  10. Barkley and Breida have the same bye week (11), Clv is at Phil, NE is at Hou, LAC at Den. If that helps.
  11. If anything it's a wash. Cook will have a few big games, and some snoozefests. I think Hunter will be more consistent this year.
  12. I hate RBBC - you never know who to play and it's a crapshoot, one guy will get 95 yards and no TD's, another guy will get 28 yards and 2 TD's...
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