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  1. 1 more Godwin TD would be juicy but who knows who Gabbert tunnel visions
  2. Wow a healthy Kittle is a must start for that juicy ceiling ("snap count" or not), but it's a tough decision if you have others on your team like Logan Thomas, Hock, Tonyan, Andrews. Good luck to everyone this week and I hope whatever decision is made is the right one. Likely one of the hardest decisions of he year for Kittle owners.
  3. Dropped him to try to bait my opponent in the ship to pick him up, for the same reasons as Cleats and Deejay.
  4. https://twitter.com/StanfordVoice/status/1341889325005303808 FRICK Edit: Not sure how to make the tweet show up, but: "Kyle Shanahan just told @KO_Crowley and me on @KNBR that he if George Kittle is healthy "He will be out there," and it sounds like that is indeed the case. Shanahan says he's "not sure whether it'll be 1 play or 30 plays but I'll take it.""
  5. Exactly what people are saying. Hurts is a running QB so it seems like a nice matchup on paper.
  6. Nervous but I have no other option smh. Hoping he gets at least one TD in what should be a higher scoring game.
  7. Starting Hurts over him in my champ game
  8. Very true, but most leagues are done next week, and the lack of info sucks. Just trying to prepare early in case it was something that causes a 1+ week absence. Hopefully it was nothing serious though
  9. I'm nervous about starting him next week in the finals smh. Why, Russ! Rams looked like doodoo today but Russ hasn't looked like himself since he tried to trademark "Let Russ Cook." What y'all think about next week's matchup?
  10. For reference, I might start him over Russ next week smh. Dude looks promising, up to now, tbh.
  11. Is this a trap game this week? I know, I know, start your studs. But it's that time of year... Start with confidence, or look elsewhere? Considering last week's performance where plenty of other QBs outperformed our boy, what are y'all thinking?
  12. Took out a second mortgage and putting it all on Gordon
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