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  1. Did a 2 for 1 trade in my 8 team(don’t judge, due to lack of interest in friend group) hoping to scoop him up once it processed. Literally five minutes after I got the “accepted trade... go vote etc” email I see that he got scooped up. Luckily I like the trade I did(won’t say to avoid this being AC like) without this hidden gem waiting. But ya just figured I’d add this onto ^ since I saw the low % and figured I was good for a few more days.
  2. Was thinking the same thing when I turned the game on. Two minutes later he got one of the softest ejections ever smfh.
  3. I would go with garland too. Terry and Hayward combining for 70 won’t happen often, and I doubt Ball doesn’t expand on the 16 minutes he got. Terry isn’t bad, but give me the upside of garland.
  4. I would Imagine deandre Washington, but yea this stinks.
  5. Ya I think hurts will make a difference. Going off the box score, sanders got 15 yards on the four drives Hurts had. So hopefully the change is enough for him to salvage out flex value, just wish he didn’t get the red hot Saints d next 🙃
  6. I hate being the “go to” for my friends fantasy questions. Got a buddy with an absolutely stacked team in his league stressing about Hopkins or MT as his second wr(bye basically locked up) While in my league due to byes I have an actual tough choice to make between Pittman and Corey f’ing Davis.(different leagues if it wasn’t obvious)
  7. Went into the week with a plan of starting Moore/Godwin/terry and leave cmc in my flex with Corey Davis as a backup. But nooo I played against will fuller so I panicked. Played Moore/Godwin/terry and mckissic in flex, So now I need I need to sweat up miles sanders vs Chris Carson with a 9 point lead, instead of basically having my playoff spot locked up. Also: My gut told me all week to bench kyler for taysom but I didn’t have the balls to. Man I deserve this likely L
  8. Pittman and juju if the games happens. I guess duke Johnson for rb and raheem in the flex. good luck!
  9. Nah you have the right idea moving gurley. But if possible try and flip him in a package with a rb back. Since it’s always good to have one good backup rb just in case, esp given how this year has been with everything.
  10. Edit: if no position limits to force it to be a rn, I would go with cook too. (Don’t worry, I just traded Fant so he should go off soon 😂)
  11. I guess duke Johnson. As a fellow owner I’m wary of him, but the others have a lot tougher matchups. Plus, third time has to be the charm with duke. I been torn about benching him myself, but with that matchup he should feast. (or I’m never drafting him again even in like a 20 team league lmao. )
  12. Hey guys I’m in a must win game this week to make playoffs in my ppr league, and I’m torn about some lineup choices.(probs a slight underdog if not even once final injury reports for him) For my wr spot: 1. Godwin 2. Lamb 3. Pittman 4. Reagor For my flex: 1. Jd Mckissic 2. Duke Johnson 3. Pittman/other non-lamb wr(placeholder in case cmc comes back unexpectedly this week, a guy can dream lol). I’m probably making these decisions tougher than I need to be. But duke has burned me the last two weeks so I’m iffy, and that bucs offenses limits the ceiling of ev
  13. *** **** this ******* stupid ****. After the one o’clock games I was feeling good facing kamara and gurley. But then I faced hill and thielen. So instead of an easy win I’m up eleven with Godwin vs kupp, succop, and bucs d. Screw espn screwy waivers. I dropped browns d early Friday morning to make room for a trade thinking i could get them back. Nope they were on waivers thru the weekend. Was thinking of scooping the saints but let my bias(falcons fan) impede me since I had hill already. So I played the chiefs d who got me negative one. The worst part? I
  14. Alright thanks guys. Was thinking reagor but sims last two games had me enticed, but that’s not a team that I really wanted to double dip with wrs anyways.
  15. Jefferson and hunt for me. Good luck yourself and thanks for the help!
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