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  1. Sucks to see such a talented and exciting player go down. Unfortunately, I think this could be a career-altering injury. Hopefully surgery fixes his persistent shoulder issues, but he's always going to be at risk dealing with a chronic condition in his shoulder.
  2. Turns out it was actually Chris Paul who ruined him this whole time.
  3. That's what people said about DSJ when he was traded to the Knicks. I think it's more likely that DSJ just isn't a quality NBA player.
  4. Not sure what you mean. Before the MRI (Chao's tweet was made the same night Wood got hurt), we didn't know if it was just an ankle sprain. If Wood had torn his Achilles, for example, then he would have been out the rest of the season.
  5. Dude is such a bricklayer. Thinking about dropping him so he can blow up someone else's FG%.
  6. Hopefully he doesn't bail during shootaround like he did twice with his ankle injury.
  7. As a KAT and SGA owner, I actually hope they do cancel. But I feel your pain. Cancellations have sucked. They canceled the Det/Den game this past Monday for a false positive.
  8. Dr. David Chao, who's usually pretty good diagnosing injuries based on video, doesn't think this is season-ending: He said something very similar with regards to Ja Morant's injury. Both look to be lateral ankle sprains.
  9. A lot of major injuries (ACL/Achilles tears) are announced by the following day, though. Thomas Bryant, Klay Thompson for example.
  10. Obviously none of us are doctors (at least I'm not), but ankle rolls usually look worse than they are. Morant's was a similar ankle roll - looked really bad, he was in a lot of pain, had to be put on a wheelchair. And in a way, Morant's was worse because he came down on it harder (he went all out jumping as high as he could to try to block a shot). Morant came back in just about 2.5 weeks, beating the 3-5 week estimate. Just have to hope Wood didn't break anything. If it's a lower sprain/roll similar to what Morant and Terry Rozier suffered, I think he could be back in 2-3 weeks. Hig
  11. Because, as the quote clearly says, they looked at him (assuming their trainer looked at SGA) during the game and he was cleared to return. The Thunder beat writer for dailythunder.com said he guesses it's precautionary, but we won't know for sure until the team gives us another update. Sometimes serious injuries seemingly occur out of nowhere, it's just the nature of the game. Hopefully SGA is back soon.
  12. Porter was in foul trouble in this one, can't blame Malone this time. Although in general, I do hate Malone for not developing his 2nd most talented player. Gary Harris left with an adductor strain. Hopefully Porter re-enters the starting lineup while/if Harris is out for any amount of time.
  13. So Herro found out his housemate tested positive before the game, and then proceeded to play the whole game?
  14. Probably my least favorite player in the NBA to watch, and has been ever since he played with KD. Just non-stop selfish shots, refusing to pass to open teammates, turnovers, and bricks.
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