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  1. I'm fortunate to have solid alternatives - but no matter what JRob is coming with me, even if only on the bench. You've earned this rest young prince
  2. This has been one of my fantasy team names for years. I have JRob. We're heading to the championship together. You, sir, have struck a positive chord with me.
  3. Just to add, it was 16-0 early in the 2nd when PHI scored their first TD. So at no point was this a garbage time game. Further, I don't anticipate either defense stopping either offense, and can easily see this being a high scoring affair (the current o/u lines in Vegas support this take).
  4. Let's not forget Swift's real coming out party, prior to his concussion and then subsequent illness, when he was first given the lead role was against WFT - a defense that is arguably as good or better against the run than TB. And Swift put up a cool 25+ PPR points. He is immensely talented and, in my opinion, matchup-proof. Stafford is the biggest concern for me. If I have other options at RB, then Swift + Staff = start; Swift - Staff = bench. But if I don't have any other viable options, I'm starting Swift and not feeling bad about it regardless of Staff's status.
  5. Oh man that was more of a right hook than a stiff-arm - that dude doesn't know what hit him!
  6. This is a pretty generalized and arrogant statement. You should have a look at the stat lines from all the completed games so far this week - Adams is not the only stud to have disappointed so far, and so a lot of owners have other factors going on that you clearly aren't aware of. But sure haha
  7. He can follow it up next year with the OSOY - Offensive Sophomore of the Year. That's a thing, right?
  8. This game definitely hurt. A lot. Hopefully those of us that rode him this far can get through this week and look for the Adams we all know and love to return to our lineups next week in the chip.
  9. This is the correct take - and those of us paying attention were waiting for the schedule to break. I was not able to get ARob in the draft, so made him a trade target early in the season for this very reason. After a couple of games you can generally start to see the defensive trends and look ahead to playoff matchups, and ARob's got it as good as anyone (outside maybe Derrick Henry and the CLE DST). Outside the schedule/matchup strength - Trubisky and Foles both suck, plain and simple.
  10. We don't need the officials to do that... We've got Doug Marrone, remember? ..... And James Conner 🤣
  11. Well, the NE game notwithstanding 😂😬😭
  12. He's consistent. Which in and of itself is valuable. He won't win you any weeks, but he won't completely disappear and cost you any weeks either. Always good to have at least a couple of those in your lineup.
  13. This feels like an AC post, but just to give an indication of where I'm pegging his value this week, I'm sitting him for Aiyuk in a flex. So I'd say most low WR2 to high flex-ish ranked WRs should be ahead of him if they've got better consistency or a better matchup/situation.
  14. He is a waiver-wire-replaceable talent who found himself in a good situation coming into this game, yes. And also, yes - his situation drastically deteriorated with Carr getting injured and leaving the game. And while I'm not faulting anyone for rolling him out there based on situation and their other options - it's also pretty clear why this thread is 3 pages.
  15. LV very obviously came into this game with a single mission, and that was to stop the bleeding on the defensive side of the ball against RBs. And hats off to them, they did a fantastic job of it, and with a skeleton crew no less. Their DL looked solid most of the game. Did we want more out of Ek? Of course we did. But let's not act like we just got Helaire'd.
  16. This. Ek is my 2nd flex. In a 10 teamer, so I'm fine with the output. Studs are studs because they give you a reliable floor, not because they always hit their ceiling. And as mentioned, if you can't survive a floor game from one of your studs then your problems are likely bigger than Austin Ekeler.
  17. I definitely hoped for more from him in this soft matchup - but I'll take the ~12 PPR points. He didn't look like he was bothered by the injury, just wasn't nearly as involved in the passing game as we've seen the last couple times out.
  18. Lynn said the same thing prior to Ek's first game back. Then handed him a workhorse role. Lynn is an idiot. I could easily see top 5 positional numbers this week.
  19. Firing him up as a flex (over Lockett) with full confidence. Say what you will about his targets/production being a result of Samuel and Kittle missing time, but it really doesn't matter since they're both looking like they're going to be out again this week. DAL isn't even a defense. Aiyuk will post a monster line and DAL will be powerless to stop him.
  20. Risky play for a lot of reasons... I think he is definitely flex worthy depending on your other options, but I'd be nervous if he were my RB1 or 2.
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