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  1. People said that about Lamar and his running last year and nothing changed until the NFL playoffs (too late) and then they adjusted the next season. Too much of the season has been played to say now they'll adjust when he's been doing this since week one. Hard to see it changing much here. Drake should get solid work at least
  2. Yep sure was lol. Despite last week there's some flex appeal here. Just depends on which version of Allen shows up
  3. Droppable at this point. Over this offense as a whole
  4. TD saved the day... Why is bell even on the team. Andy reid ruined the fantasy play and isn't getting any real life benefit from bell either
  5. All these non rushing TDs by the Bills with a healthy lead hmmmm mm.... Edit: 23 passes to 3 rushing attempts so far while holding the lead for majority of the half and needing to keep russ off the field
  6. Excuse the names and let's look at the points : Week 9: The 10th place RB scored 15.7 points in 0.5ppr Week 10: 10th place RB scored 16.7 points Basically he'll need to get past double digits to even have a shot at that. He'll need TDs to get that at this point and he already doesn't get alot of those. If we just not count games that he didn't do well in then yea it's not a tall task but that's not how it works.
  7. Idk there isn't much to go on to say this given recent usage and yes those games still count in how much we want to believe in his usage. Top 10 is a high mark here.
  8. But that doesn't mean your "better" will produce enough to help you win week to week
  9. Still hard to trust and even if he had a big game today it doesn't look like it'll continue. Hoping for a big game and then try to sell
  10. Not just support multiple but make Boyd THE guy in the receiving corps. He's an wr1 in ALL formats easily beating his ADP and making up for a bunch of early round WR busts. Burrow finally realized where he should be going and it's paid off
  11. Wr2 tops with ab there. Gronk is getting tds and Brady will target AB heavy. Can't see wr1 from brittle godwin this year.
  12. First off solid tes are rare Secondly how did you find someone who still thought highly of CEH? That was the issue in most leagues I believe. The majority of people left who still thought he had value were those who drafted him in the first round. I think you are taking your experience as standard and just because they are in a big money league doesn't mean they know what they are doing. Even now with how the chiefs offense is going, anyone who traded to get CEH lost that trade and must be morons and I bet you're laughing at whoever you traded him to. We aren't making this up when we
  13. The main concerns where that the main weapons in deebo and kittle returning which did set him back. Then we saw Jimmy g stink it up which lowered outlook further. BUT a perfect storm has happened with mostert, kittle, deebo out which makes him the top target and with Mullens in they have a capable qb that can get him the football. It's looking up now
  14. Not exactly. If I play a wr who has a better situation to score over a player who is a better wr but in a worse situation fantasy wise then that's smart play. For example Fulgham's and aiyuk's of the world. Gotta see when your studs turn into duds
  15. It's funny because I don't see any of those "i'm not worried" delusions anymore What value? Nobody wanted to take him after the trade.
  16. If they keep Mullins in he's wr2 at the LEAST with kittle out and deebo on the mend. Aiyuk owners won
  17. Well we'll well... @pastorofmuppets2 gotta say I'm done with him. Too many weapons and he's a last option who needs redzone tds to be anything. Rather hit the wire at this point
  18. He had a good game for sure. Still same amount of rushing work as Singletary against a bad Patriots defense (and offense). Let's see if they continue with this or go back to their old ways against the seahawks
  19. All that heat I took this week lol. Glad I took him out this week. Don't get hung up on names
  20. 8 passes for the lions in the first half... And we're supposed to trust any wide out in this offense to return wr1 numbers? Lol
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