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  1. Yeah, I am choosing between Williams and his teammate Gaskin to replace Chark tonight. I'm gonna go with Myles Gaskin, but of course hope that both establish themselves as legit fantasy starters after big games tonight.
  2. Yeah, I was definitely trying to get too cute. Have a lot of exposure to Gallup in my other leagues, so was trying to go all in there. I'm pretty sure Mack woulda had over 20 points yesterday if he had stayed healthy. Gallup is really the only one I look back on as a bad decision. Chark and Moore will be just fine this year.
  3. I didn't even start him in my top league...even with 2 flex spots in this 12 team league.... 0.5 PPR, and I started: CEH, Chubby, Mack, the two DJ's - Chark and Moore, and Gallup. I feel stupid.
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