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  1. First 5 picks: Thomas Mixon Golloday Conner Mack And just for fun, also had Watkins, Shepard, and Akers go down. Good times
  2. And F Sean Payton for having him out there when the game was decided and all the other backups were in.
  3. Thomas, Golloday, Conner, Mack. F fantasy football. I'll be drafting QBs in the 1st rd from now on.
  4. Nah, I think I remember him being interviewed years later saying he could have played through a lot of his injuries. Maybe the 'Fragile' moniker is unfair, but he's like the kid that ***** his pants in 2nd grade, and is called '**** stain' the rest of his life
  5. Whatever. Good Week 1 in my big money league: Conner, Thomas, Golloday, Mack.
  6. Well, thanks Conner. You almost made it to the 2nd qtr this year. Loser. hope you get a bad case of the Clap
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