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  1. QBs don't play each other. They play each other's defenses. And Trubisky had Allen Robinson. Watson had guys who wouldn't start on any other team. And Watson has been very good in losses, so I'm not sure what your point is about the record.
  2. Don't start him under any circumstances. He's the start of death.
  3. 3 catches 15 yards. 🤢 Pittsburgh is stupid.
  4. I was really hoping that there'd be a story on the interwebs this week about the drastic shift in snaps.
  5. Is he even the worst dropz offender on the team? From what I've seen it seems like errrbody been droppin in the last couple games. Why would he be the only one punished? He's clearly their most dynamic weapon. I just don't understand why you'd stop fueling it after it's proven itself in battle.
  6. Anyone else? Maybe the people whose posts I responded to? 😒
  7. Depends on whether you need safety or higher ceiling. Jonnu for the floor, Goedert for the ceiling.
  8. What Tomei said. Gio is trash and that offense is crap without Burrow.
  9. I would say the reverse. Brown is safer against a bad defense but hasn't had >70 yards or a TD literally in years.
  10. Deebo easily for me. Deebo has had good games against great defenses. I wouldn't want to rely on Hollywood this year.
  11. Aiyuk. Can't bench a guy with 4 straight >15 pt games (or whatever it is in standard).
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