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  1. QB: R. Tannehill, Murray WR: Golladay, Godwin, DJ Chark RB: Henry, Jacobs, Montgomery, Michel, Swift, and Snell TE: M. Andrews, N.Fant I was personally looking at Miller with Godwin out and brady playing the panthers.
  2. Likely miller for me as well. With that said, I think it's going to be a tight game though.
  3. I posted before but thought I'd break it up into two posts sicne they're separate topics. 10 Team Standard Pts - 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1 (W/R/T), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Def Current team: QB: Murray WR: DJ Chark, - Godwin, Golladay both likely injured RB: D. Henry, J. Jacobs K: Lutz Def: KC Flex: Montgomery vs Giants Swift vs Packers Michel vs Seattle N. Fant, vs Steelers Snell vs Denver Thoughts? Toss up between Snell and Montgomery in my eyes. But I've only recently gotten back into football.
  4. PPR i'm taking Edelman, he'll get his points and is a safe bet. If you're looking for a hail mary Sanders, could come through with a monster game, as it's likely to be a shootout this weekend.
  5. Members 0 12 posts Report post Posted 9 minutes ago My WR is hurting with the injuries. 10 Team Standard Pts. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex (W/R/T), K, Def. WR: C. Godwin, K. Golladay, DJ Chark Available: Landry, P. Campbell, S. MIller, E. Sanders, and C. Kirk Would likely drop Michel or Swift to pickup one of the above for this week, i'm quite strong at RB with Henry, Jacobs, Michel, Swift, and Snell.
  6. And point structure. I think TB isn't going to do much this year personally.
  7. Hi All, 10 Team Standard Pts. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex (W/R/T), K, Def. I've ranked how I think the order for this week should be, having a tough time between Snell (assuming Connor is out) and Montgomery. Team: QB: K. Murray (1), R. Tannehill RB: J. Jacobs (2), D. Henry (1), TE: M. Andrews (1) WR: C. Godwin (1), K. Golladay (2), DJ Chark (3) Flex: N. Fant (4), D. Montgomery (1???), D. Swift (3), S. Michel (5), B. Snell (1??) K: W. Lutz Def: KC With Godwin and Golladay likely out this weekend I need to pickup a WR. Available: Landry, P. Campbell, S. MIller, E. Sanders, and C. Kirk Am debating between Miller, and Campbell if Godwin/Golladay are out, likely would drop Michel (feel like he will be unreliable with Cam Newton there, and Swift has some upside). Appreciate the help!!
  8. Miller, looking at making the same pickup just trying to figure out who to drop...also hoping someone goes on IR.
  9. Miller is looking like a good pickup for this week. Would probably drop Tate, but that's just me.
  10. Thoughts on Chark this weekend? Minshew was playing conservative the whole game, thoughts on their gameplan going forward?
  11. Another vote for Robinson, majority of the snaps. Cohen looks to be getting the goalline work over Montgomery, but that may be because montgomery was hurt. Expect Montgomery's workload to go up, and they're playing against a weak Run Defence. That said I'm still going with Robinson.
  12. Hines is tough to give up in my opinion. Rivers loves throwing to RB's and Hines looks like the go to guy (for now at least). I think week in week out Hines will put up numbers. But i also tend to favour RB's over WR's for consistency.
  13. Tempting to pickup miller for the week. Should be a good game and Miller is likely to get some good looks, if godwin is out and Evans is still injured. Not a long term bet by any means.
  14. Keep Snell, should have a couple games coming up, and all indications are he's going to be given the opportunity to take the spot from Connor. He looked the better back even with Connor starting.
  15. Swift might come on later in the season but I think the lions are going to be playing from behind a lot. And it looks like Peterson is going to get the goal line work early in the season. I've got swift on my team currently and benched him in favour of montgomery.
  16. I think Kyler is going to have to scramble for some yards, should be another big game from him.
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