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  1. I started them both last week, and I'm doing it again this week. I don't love it, but If I start one the other will invariably go off on my bench and I don't have other options that I feel great about. Would honestly prefer to trade Diontae if I could because of the number of times he's burnt me this year, but I'm trying not to be emotional about it.
  2. Is Diontae doing that Diontae thing again? Every week I play him he gets hurt. Every week I don’t he goes off. So infuriating.
  3. Most people won’t even pick him up 😂
  4. Started Claypool over Diontae because I thought he was the “fun” start. It was not fun.
  5. Diontae and Claypool can both be good in this offense. Diontae is Lockett. Claypool is DK. JuJu is sad and Big Ben is Mr. Limited.
  6. Yeah on the bright side Lattimore should shadow AB. Now instead of a fat 0 Evans can get you 3.
  7. He just keeps giving you reasons not to doubt him. He’s a solid WR2 play that you can confidently start every week going forward. Alshon is on the trade block, Desean Jackson cannot stay healthy. There is no immediate threat to his target share, and when he lights up the Cowboys next week in primetime he’ll be the talk of the league. Arrow is pointing way up.
  8. I did have that thought. The Giants play the run well and I'm not sure Boston Scott will be the guy to change that. Hoping it's just a sloppy Thursday night game with more points than we expect. If anything, last week showed a willingness for Wentz to target Fulgham even when he was covered tightly. Gonna fire him up and feel nervous!
  9. Is starting him tonight scarier than it was vs the Ravens last week?
  10. Maybe we have a different understanding of reality. All I did was state facts. I also said that top 5 WR ROS was wishful thinking based on those facts. You seem to agree with me, so I'm not really sure how my points are somehow not based in reality. He's a boom/bust option so far this year. Tampa Bay has been running the ball very well. Brady has not been targeting him in games that Godwin has played in. There are people in this thread that are just deciding that Godwin is the 1B to Evans 1A... based on what? What reality have we seen so far that supports that? Why don't you go police th
  11. So the vibe I’m getting is that he’s a potential buy low?
  12. The man who is second in rushing in the NFL. That’s who😄
  13. Yeah I think we know who this backfield belongs to.
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