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  1. Yes I am playing him and yes this is a trap. That coaching staff sucks.
  2. Guy looks like a giant. Not sure of his speed though, seems a hair slow (for a wr). When they get him the ball in step/motion he really picked up extra yards.
  3. I could see 1 td and 80 yards. Maybe a shot at a second td. And next week I’m pumped and he doesn’t even crack the field.
  4. I started tyrod. Sob cowboy game distracted me. 0-2 Jesus.
  5. With he injuries I say bout Bourne. I don’t think the extra .5 pushes me to a tight end. thanks for mine
  6. The bigger the league maybe. 12 person I wouldn’t. 14 or more then I might. If winning big or losing big I might drop kicker or defense for. I dont know if he great upside but he’s a rb.
  7. Imo stay put. You have good options on the waiver wire for QB and WR seem to pop up. Rbs are rare. After today there will be less.
  8. Higbee right? Man he looked like the 4th option and Logan Thomas looked like the 1/2 and they play the cardinals who last year sucked at TE. They brought someone in but I’m not sure if he is good or Kittle was already last week.
  9. I hunk I would roll with fuller and DJ Moore. I feel like we know their roles better. Seems safer than Paris (who should have a good game)
  10. Miller and then Brown for me. Miller should be a safe play.
  11. I would sit Corey Davis make him prove it in back to back weeks. He has broken a lot of fantasy hearts. Probably Dobbins.
  12. Sanders for me I don’t trust Corey Davis. I think I would go Goedert but I don’t know much about Hayden Hurst.
  13. Check that waiver wire and make sure the Detroit wr and the Tampa wr are both picked up as I would play either of those first. I would also avoid te in flex.
  14. If Cortland Sutton plays I would start Gordon in a bad matchup. I would start Chark regardless. I think he will get his chances.
  15. Man oh man. I think Connor is going to get the ball and a chance to keep his job. But then that’s high risk high reward. I heard the cowboys lost another corner to injury so I feel pretty good they are about to be in shoot out and gallop should benefit. Help
  16. I’m not big on big been so far and I know some of his line was injured. However, I also know the cowboys defense is losing corners to injury so I can see a a lot of throws coming coopers way. I would probably stay pat and hope I can waiver wire QBs but that plan can fail. Help
  17. Right now I have Tyrod Taylor vs the chiefs but man am I nervous. Like they bench him at half time nervous. Other Options: 1. Dewayne Haskins as cardinals. I wonder if he has a safer floor. 2. Ryan Fitzpatrick at Bills. How does the gun slinger do against a good defense without his top receiver. I can guess... 3. Drew Lock might have his top wr back but it’s vs Steelers at home. 4. Sam Darnold vs San Francisco. Don’t try try and throw on San Fran? Maybe he has a good floor too?
  18. Lazard I suppose. I am hopeful on shenault but at best he will be a low wr2 right? Jags can’t support that many fantasy players I assume and he will be a fill in flex most likely?
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