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  1. I'd probably roll with Browns, unlike SEA they actually have an already solid enough defence and an on-par matchup. Higher floor etc.
  2. He is certainly a start, I think a fairly strong one at that too. Does anyone not think the raidas could plausibly be up 2 scores at half, with Booker already having 5-10 touches before they just pound the ball the second half? based on usage alone in this game he's atleast in rb2 range, and I'll eat this whole post if I'm wrong. also yeah 5.4 ypc, so for atleast THIS SEASON he's been better than bad soooo good enough imo
  3. Fitz absolutely PEPPERED him with targets, a score thrown in there would've been for wr1 material for the week but hey, that was nice (until Tua's back next week)
  4. looking at that ff playoff schedule; this mans gonna win some leagues
  5. Mike Will and Keenan ate last week vs JETS because luckily it turned out to be a competetive game. Anyone starting him and actually feeling good about it? His first true dud was @NYJ but with Fitz, looking different this time around or more of a similar situation?
  6. again - you throw to Nuke to win the game. This was example B
  7. Agreed. Playing in the NFL is his job, playing in College is only under-the-counter money and no contract to p l a y the g a m e
  8. Oh yeah you ride with him here and have no regrets.
  9. Being down 10 HOU would still possibly have a chance (however small it may have been) to somehow make a couple freak plays. Not scoring literally ends the game right then. And also Chubb probably wanted to screw around with us. Both are probably true
  10. Last hour slotting him in over some options projected to do better. They have to get him the ball to be in the game. If there's any week to feel good starting him, it has to be this week. Right?
  11. I personally grabbed MIA last week already and look forward to them playing LAC too. They put up strong numbers vs ARI which is tough, and are essentially a must-start unless they where up against a Seattle, Green Bay or KC. I say they'll have another solid floor this week then sky's the limit
  12. (half PPR) Pick 2 of.... Mike Davis (TB) Robby Anderson (TB) Christian Kirk (BUF) Devante Parker (LAC) Will do whatever u want me to do in return (no limits)
  13. If he plays and gets a regular work load, he's a high-end RB1 this week (barring any kind of training wheels)
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