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  1. So looks likely Zeke & Gaskin might be back so Pollard and Ahmed are nonstarters. Ugh. Guess we lean on Wilson (Coleman/McKinnon/Juzukwur#@$#y) and Gio to fill in for the Ship this week.
  2. Wilson is also hurt. We don't know the extent yet. Could be a Coleman/McKinnon game.
  3. This times 1000. Diggs has never, ever performed well when not 100%.
  4. This is great news. Gives the Jets a smidge of hope to try and keep it competitive meaning more plays and targets for Woods! ...or Kupp
  5. I'm getting a bad feeling this week. TEN could VERY easily win this game against a horrible DET D and no Matt Stafford. We might see a ton of McNichols instead or Tannehill throws a pass or two to Brown and Davis in the end zone and they decide to rest Henry for upcoming matches. Very concerned.
  6. Oh there's lots of buzz it's just all wrong! Kittle killed a bunch of teams when he exited. Hurst was a bust all of the sudden. Schultz has no ceiling. Fant is meh. On and on. There's probably only 4-5 semi reliable ones out there and that's tough in a 12+ team league.
  7. I've heard he might see limited snaps due to his lingering injury so might have a lowered expectation.
  8. We all know that Belitricks will pound the ball as the weather worsens. Harris is a hold for me.
  9. I've been hearing that same rhetoric every week. Thinking he's going to b more of a 2021 breakout now.
  10. Need a ceiling game from Henry. It's been waay too long. Six weeks since he's had a "win your week" game like Fuller and Gibson had on Turkey Day.
  11. How's that? Don't see any on the report as Doubtful or Out. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/team/injury-report/week/REG-11
  12. Mr. Consistency 11.19.2020 14-79-1, 3-2-16
  13. Why yes. Yes it's hard to start this guy after the past couple of weeks. He's a bench "stash" burning a hole there during a severe BYE week.
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