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  1. Edelman... dude just went for 179 yards. Cam loves him.
  2. Getting offered Fournette and OBJ for Golladay. I’m pretty stacked at wr but don’t trust those two guys. Am I being an idiot?! lost Barkley on Sunday and don’t have a consistent rb2. Just traded away Mclaurin for Kareem Hunt today. current team: WR: Godwin, Golladay, Cooper, John Brown, cooks RB: Barkley, Ingram, white, Gibson, Hines, Hunt TE: Hurst I have #1 WW this week, thinking of picking up Davis
  3. I’d pick up Davis off waivers and try to trade him to the CMC owner and see what you can get from him
  4. I’d drop Ruggs for Davis and try to workout a trade with the CMC owner
  5. If you can get a solid wr go for it, but if not then just wait a week and see if he takes over the backfield and gets more touches.
  6. Davis for sure, he’d have a solid floor for next few weeks
  7. I’d go kelly and then Davis. Davis would likely only be playable for a few weeks and then you’d need to find another rb
  8. Watkins, he’s always boom or bust, you’d likely never start him
  9. I wouldn’t do that trade if I were you. You team looks good. I’m in a similar situation where I’m getting offered Fournette and obj for golladay. Might make the trade myself, in need of rb depth
  10. Yes take that trade. Hunt looking great, plus it’s good to have that insurance should zeke go down
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