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  1. Hilton has come alive the past 2 weeks, Coutee went for 141 vs the Colts. Hilton: LV, HOU (which he famously has owned many times), PIT Coutee: CHI, IND, CIN 0.5 ppr
  2. Fantasy coach YK35 said he "wouldn't expect" Devontae Booker (lack of talent) to be in the line-up in Week 14 against the Colts.
  3. White vs LAC (good matchup) David Johnson vs IND (safer workload, bad matchup with the Colts d-line healthy)
  4. 'James White Szn Is Here' https://www.rotoworld.com/article/target-decoder/james-white-szn-here 'Nearly 24 percent of targets against the Bolts have gone to running backs, the highest rate in the NFL. Backs facing the Chargers this season have seen an average of 7.88 targets per contest.' Are we buying into this? Solid RB2 start today?
  5. Woods at ARI Cooks vs IND Claypool vs WAS Deebo vs BUF Need to sit 1. Woods has a good matchup, Cooks will probably be the top target with Fuller out, Claypool always had that TD shot, Deebo went off in his return. 0.5 ppr. whir
  6. The man is game script dependant, plain and simple. Will be next year too. If they can keep it close you have a solid RB with upside, if they can't you best hope he scored a TD in the first quarter or you might be toast. Very good RB2, he doesn't bring enough consistency to be a solid RB1.
  7. 30 points by Pitt DST Thank you Derek Carr
  8. Wilkins vs TEN (Taylor out so it's him and Hines) White vs ARI 0,5 ppr, whir
  9. Pittman, had to bench Claypool myself
  10. Carr at ATL - had him in, but now with Julio out it might not be the shootout that was envisioned, Falcons offense so far has proven to be garbage without Julio in there Jones at CIN - sneaky option for upside, but also, it still is Jones we're talking about here so there's room for bust. Although the Bengals secondary is not good Fitzpatrick at NYJ - will sling the ball obviously but it might be a game controlled by Miami's defense whir
  11. It would be an atrocity to cancel the Ravens game and not the Broncos game
  12. Should be good with either Woods, Shepard or Pittman. Robinson and Johnson bring some risk.
  13. 0.5 ppr White at ARI (Burkhead out) Breida at NYJ (Ahmed out, assuming Gaskin is also out. Could still be a rbbc with Washington and Laird) Pope at BUF (assuming Ekeler and Ballage are out. Only other rb would be Kelley, who was in the doghouse the past couple of games)
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