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  1. I’d go with Hill as well. A lot of opportunities for Hill to put up points in that matchup. Thanks for help on mine
  2. .5 PPR league standard scoring. Who would you start? Brian Hill vs Raiders or Deebo Samuel vs Rams
  3. I like the trade and don’t think it’s too much. I’m not a fan of Gibson and there’s too many mouths to feed on Tampa’s offense. I think Watson and Cooks are starting to build that chemistry and cooks will continue to get more looks
  4. I’d go with Williams as well since he’s a good pass back and more opportunities with Jones being out
  5. I’d go with Herbert as well. Steelers defense is no joke
  6. Deshaun Watson vs Green Bay Matthew Stafford vs Atlanta 6 points per TD pass. Watson has gone off since O’Brien has left but Stafford will most likely be in a shootout. Thoughts?
  7. Definitely like that trade for you and they might pull the trigger with the lack of depth they have. You have great depth at RB and I’d personally wouldn’t want to deal with the MG3 and Lindsey situation. Thanks for the help on mine!
  8. I like the trade as well. Chubb has a lot more upside than Gurley and you’re in a position to be patient for him to be back. Is Tim Patrick still on the WW? Could pick him up to fill in for Debo. Thanks for the help on mine!
  9. I’d take Cook and Ekeler as well if you’re in a position to be patient. Thanks for mine!
  10. It seems to be a fair trade with the downgrade on WR but upgrade at RB. Which TEs are available on the waiver wire as well? Thanks for mine!
  11. I agree that trade 1 is the better option and like the upside to it
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