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  1. Need flex help. Hilton vs Houston or Pollard vs SF HALF PPR What’s the better play this week?
  2. Need flex help. Hilton vs Houston or Pollard vs SF HALF PPR What’s the ether play this week?
  3. With Sony officially out this week, do I start D.Harris @HOU or Tee Higgins @WAS in my flex? Half PPR. What’s everyone think?
  4. Keep in mind I already have D.Hopkins too. Do I start Kirk as well with the Bills secondary a bit depleted due to covid or start Higgins against Steelers? Opinions? Anybody else debating on starting the dhop/Kirk duo too?
  5. The upside is...he said he would take either kupp or golladay in addition to jacobs... so im leaning towards jacobs+kupp
  6. Thanks! He said he would take either kupp or golladay.
  7. Hi all, I could use WR help.... Thoughts this trade? I give up Jacobs + Kupp OR Golladay (He said he would take either one of the WRs), and I get D.Hopkins. This is a half PPR league. My other RBs are Cook, J.Rob and Mostert.
  8. Jonnu @ Cincy or Fant vs Chargers? Half PPR Not sure if I need to worry about production from Jonnu after not being used at all last week? What's everyone think?
  9. Assuming the Bills/Titans game does happen...which TE do you all think would be the better play? Half PPR Jonnu Smith vs Bills or Dalton Schultz vs Giants
  10. well looks like the steelers/titans game will be moved to later in the season, so this makes my decision a lot easier 😂
  11. Let's assume the titans game happens on Mon...(or tues), who's the better play this week? Jonnu vs Steelers or Fant @Jets (with Rypien at QB)
  12. Need to start only 1 Thoughts/suggestions/opinions on who to choose this week? Half PPR Edelman vs Raiders Golladay @Cards Kupp @Bills
  13. I would be hesitant getting rid of Allen to be honest. Plus Brees just hasn't look great so far this year.
  14. ECH, Robinson, Taylor ECH for sure... I just feel like you can't bench him no matter what. Robinson I feel is gonna go off against an awful Miami run D Taylor will probably be a big factor again this week... 26 carries last week, probably same type of volume this week since Indy im sure will have a lead against the Jets, so will most likely run more later in the game.
  15. In a bit of a dilemma on deciding who I want to start this week. Need to start 3 for WR/WR/FLEX. Half PPR. Suggestions on which 3 to start? James Robinson vs Dolphins Kupp vs Bills Golladay vs Cards Edleman vs Raiders DJ Moore vs Chargers
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