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  1. this is good news, he won't waste a roster spot any more. let us rejoice!
  2. cool took you 3 minutes to find a gif
  3. fantasy football is a meta game where we pick players and put them in line ups which is cool and all, but we're choosing to play the meta within the meta which makes it fun. after it happens to someone once, guess what they'll learn not to wait until the last minute, perhaps dropping a valuable lottery ticket that you've been eyeing. do everything you can to help your team and put other teams at a disadvantage, within the rules of course. play chess folks, not tic tac toe.
  4. nothing wrong with doing this. maybe the team who doesn't have a back-up QB is waiting until the last minute to drop someone so no one else has a chance to pick said player up before game time. that's his strategy and the risk he's taking. his fault if there's no one good left. this is war gentlemen and if it's the difference between a W/L and you're not breaking any rules, screw 'em.
  5. this guy going to catch passes? doesn't need to be all of white's touches, but just 2 or 3 a game? please?
  6. i'm guessing after week 10 bye, then 3 weeks to warm up for ff playoffs
  7. better to know he's out for the season now than be given a 6-8 estimate and having him take up a bench spot only to have him maybe come back to likely a reduced role as they ease him back in.
  8. we thought he had a safe floor and then the miami game happened. wish he was seeing 7-8 targets a game instead of 4-6.
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