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  1. Dropping him unfortunately. Zero chemistry with Tua and now this. Just an unfortunate year overall for Parker after his outstanding last year. Too bad.
  2. Don't like playing him in games where the Browns are expected to lead. Giants offense hasn't been the same since Jones wrecked his hammy. Think both these two final weeks Hunt has a dangerously low floor as Chubb will just ground and pound. A lot of Hunt's production comes from 3rd and 4th quarter hurry up offense when the Browns play from behind.
  3. This guy got me through the last few weeks as a streamer, Kirk has been great. I think he has another great 2 weeks, but week 16 is a definite sit. New Orleans will eat him alive if they are healthy. Bucs defense has been getting gashed by QBs for weeks now though, and he did fine against Chicago a few weeks back. Would feel pretty confident in him for weeks 14/15.
  4. He still hasn't even practiced yet right? No way this guy plays this year. Pete has been saying "next week he practices" since week 1 now. The only scenario I see him coming back in is if Carson goes down again and they start a desperation push to get Penny playoff ready.
  5. Michel's carries were garbage time in a blowout. He also consistently posts 3-3.5 ypc while Harris continues to plow for upwards of 5 against stacked boxes. Harris is still the lead RB on this team, but he gets vultured a lot at the goal line. So as always, safe floor of 7-10 points, but very limited ceiling because he doesn't carry the TD upside that most lead running backs have. Desperation play if you're down on RBs, but ideally this guy is your backup option on your bench and not your starter.
  6. I could definitely see the Saints erring on the side of caution and giving him a full 6 weeks so he can come back 100% for playoffs IF Taysom keeps winning.
  7. Good fantasy day, but god did his throws look awful outside of the endzone one to Hollywood Brown. Another week with lots of over and under throws. I honestly don't know what happened to Lamar this year, his accuracy was not like this last year. This looks like year 1 Lamar. Hopefully it's just coming back from COVID jitters, but this was emblematic of how he has been throwing all year.
  8. He's honestly not a bad back to own if desperate for RBs. They were down the whole game and he still got good volume, and like you mentioned, a lot of redzone looks. He was also the primary passing back. Seems like Shanny really likes this guy as he got the full load when Mostert went down and then came right back into a timeshare with Mostert ahead of Coleman and Mckinnon.
  9. Will be interesting to see if he can be a good fantasy QB with his rushing upside.
  10. Aaand for Pete's daily carousel of words, here we go:
  11. Unless Herbert repeats this week in the next 2 weeks, I still think he wins it. Jefferson is very close though. I love Jrob and he has been a fantasy monster, but I don't think he wins out rookie of the year over those two guys.
  12. This. I think it's more that Baker seems comfortable with his receivers though that is leading to Hunt's offensive role diminish. Hunt's early week production came heavily off receiving touchdowns. Seemed like every time they were in the redzone, he'd be brought in for the dual threat pass/run, and then he'd end up with a TD pass. He's lost pretty much all his redzone screen/pass work and so his TDs have dried up. Unfortunately, seems like he's a high end RB3 barring another Chubb injury. Can't bank on him getting TDs like we could early in the season. Baker seems to have found a rhythm
  13. Yeah he's still got moves but he just has no burst and doesn't really get extra yardage on his falls. I was wrong about him this year and seems like he's going to be a backup or change of pace back for the rest of his NFL career. Sad to see him now after watching him in Pittsburg.
  14. Those two Morris vultures hurt... why? Gallman has been great in the redzone. Unfortunately, I think Morris might have cemented himself as the redzone back after this game, but Gallman played a hell of a game. The cuts on those long runs were legit.
  15. so how does james robinson compare to james conner?
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