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  1. RIP to the man in my league who dropped him after the first game
  2. Same thing just happened in my 12 teamer.
  3. One of those guys you will hold for months for sheer name value... but when you drop him you'll wonder why it took you so long.
  4. Gonna ship him out as soon as he strings together some good games. Got too cute with this pick and should have played it safe instead.
  5. I checked his stats at halftime and quickly added him and dropped Bertans. No regrets.
  6. Thoughts on the guy? Overvalued, undervalued, or valued just right? Do you think he will live up to his new contract extension?
  7. Not too mad about lines like this. It's like owning Marcus Smart. If his shooting comes around like it did last year he's a stud.
  8. Damn. I feel like I needa see one more game but he will probably be gone by then. Decisions.....
  9. Plumlee easily. He is waiver wire fodder. Patrick Williams is getting a lot of hype rn he will probably be gone soon.
  10. If so, who would you choose, Johnson or Garland?
  11. This line is the definition of Nerlens Noel.
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