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  1. He won his mvp on a misunderstanding. The game and the league inspire a high stats nba because that's what idiot fans like you are looking for. (there has never been so much TD than in the last five years, you who love to talk about it so much) When he got carried by lillard after talking where were you? when it's done eaten by rookie Donovan Mitchell? When did he not involve Sabonis and Oladipo? When he still showed a low level with the Houston Rockets or this year with the Wizards with his catastrophic level of play and his defense even weaker than Harden 2015-2016? his name does task and then what a disgraceful season on his part. Ranked 22 ... he plays like a FA players🤦‍♂️
  2. they close their mouths it's nice. besides the members who are laughing at him no longer come on his thread 😭
  3. what does this have to do with my message? Russel is an excellent player but he remains the weakest MVP in the history of the nba. No questioning, tunnel vision, sterotype play, weak leadership. Come on guy.
  4. it has a certain potential, after what concerns me the most is the situation of rosas. the coach is on an ejection seat, hoping that the next coach will give him playing time...
  5. does he still want to play basketball?
  6. it has some value whatever some may say about it. I follow his situation with interest.
  7. its rating is at its lowest it's time to buy it
  8. Posts in this thread are getting more and more hilarious 😂
  9. In the current situation it is a top 50 easily but the yahoo update is too disadvantageous...
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