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  1. If you don't bid someone else WILL. In a Random Yahoo league you don't owe loyalty to someone who made a bad drop and didn't put him in the IR
  2. Wouldn't drop any of them for Rogers...
  3. Which side are you? Are you trading away Bieber or receiving him?
  4. I'd trade Sano and Cease for Hiura.
  5. If I'm the trading away Bieber side I wouldn't do it unless it's for Woodruff, Julio AND Witt... and even then I'm not sure I'd make the trade.
  6. Toss up between Boyd and Javier. I'd avoid Webb
  7. I'd trade Santana for Swanson.
  8. I'd do it. Marco was probably originally drafted in the top 150... Certainly worth using your #2 waiver priority, in my opinion
  9. Cole and Mountcastle for Berrios and Hayes is a good deal for whoever is getting Cole
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