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  1. Dynasty league? If so, Cole for Devers (or Albies) and Urias would be a nice return, in my opinion.
  2. Flaherty for Suarez is NOT buying low on Suarez. I would not make this trade
  3. In a dynasty rebuild this is a good trade for you.
  4. If you're trading Mahle then yes, if you're trading Castillo then no.
  5. I also wouldn't make this trade. It takes too much of your pitching away. One approach that CAN sometimes work in roto is to eat up as many innings as possible early and then trade pitching for hitting. That way you can maximize the use of your innings limit and get value for your guys. Again, the approach can work but isn't foolproof.
  6. I'd make that trade on your end, but if I was on the other side I'd want more.
  7. That's not remotely enough for Tatis.
  8. Team a and it isn't overly choose, in my opinion
  9. If he won't trade you Jose then why should you trade him Bieber?
  10. Yes you take this trade and hope the police don't come for you for theft.
  11. Without any other info: trout side
  12. I didn't. Hence why my post said that Montas has looked bad TOO.
  13. Luzardo... Montas has looked bad this year too...
  14. If you don't bid someone else WILL. In a Random Yahoo league you don't owe loyalty to someone who made a bad drop and didn't put him in the IR
  15. Wouldn't drop any of them for Rogers...
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