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  1. I don't think if it would be a true Rotoworld Outlook topic if you don't have someone throwing a bunch of shade on a guy. There was a guy in the JRob topic saying he should be gotten rid of and that Conner was so much better than him. He stopped showing up after even the most blind could tell that the opinion was unfounded. Is Hurts a stud? Who knows? It's obviously too early to tell for sure, but he has had a decent start so far. No reason to doubt that he'll have a very good game against an opponent with an greatly inferior defense to the two he recently played.
  2. I fail to see how bench points are fair. It penalizes a player who has a lot of injured players and/or the one who didn't stuff his bench with QB. If no contingencies were established, I think that the only fair resolution is to flip a coin (which is the last option for tie-breaking playoff seeding in the NFL).
  3. The first game was against an above average defense. The second game was against little below average defense. The third game is against Dallas a substantially below average defense. Admittedly anyone compared to Wentz is pretty studly (at least they aren't giving the ball to the opponent every other possession). He has thrown some decent deep balls. He is mobile and is a threat to run which puts a nice floor on his points total.
  4. He did last week as well. It's late in the season and they're giving him some rest.
  5. The guys were saying it was the other leg, so not an aggravation of the ankle. I haven't independently verified this.
  6. I'd play him this week, and like him for most of the playoffs; however, my trust in what Arians says is proportional to the distance I can throw him. I think Arians is an idiot and not just stubborn.
  7. I think that I want to lose. I've already sealed a first round bye as the second place team, and the side of the bracket that I am on has the less dangerous teams. If I win I am in first place and swap sides.
  8. I agree with this totally. I loved the TD's, but really worried about those 5-7 targets per game. It's the same thing I worry about now with AJ Brown.
  9. I've got Davante Adams and AJ Brown ahead of him on my roster, so yeah, to me he is a WR3. In a vacuum I think he is a solid WR 2--probably in the WR15 to WR20 range...
  10. He's seeing volume now, so he has a nice floor. Unfortunately, he hasn't been getting in the end zone as often as earlier which limits his ceiling. If still play him. Still not sold on New England's defense being much more than average. If I was playing this week, i'd be playing him (as my WR3)
  11. I don't play in week 14, but I'd have played Ryan. That said, I don't really trust Ryan RoS. I've picked up Trubisky for this week, and if he does well, I may use him in week 15 and/or 16. He/the Bears suck, but he/they have a very nice playoff schedule.
  12. Considering there are three NFL "Allen"s starting at QB, who knows. OK. One of them is on IR< so I am pretty sure that we're not talking about him.
  13. He is. Without those three TDs, he'd only have scored 13 in non-PPR!!1 More than half his points came from touchdowns!
  14. I'd go with #1. Jacobs is a bonafide mid-range RB1. He's been especially solid recently. I'm not sold on Michael Thomas' elite status especially with a replacement QB. I really like Thielen--his couple of recent stinker games aside. Top (healthy) RB are tough to come buy.
  15. I'm starting both with Adams, but our TE spot is a TE/WR flex spot. They both scare me a bit due to their limited volume. AJ has been scaring me much more. He hasn't been showing great ability at catching balls thrown his way, but if he catches it, then watch out. The thing that always stresses me out when I play him is that he is basically ignored by the offense for long stretches of time and then explodes with a nice TD. TD dependence scares me--even if he is really good at getting there. The 9ers are banged up. Woods has seen a few more targets lately than earlier in the seas
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