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  1. It would depend on your league's playoff structure and where everyone else is the standings. I think Will Fuller will produce wherever he goes, so I'm not in any way anti-Fuller. I just think you'd have to go in with the mindset you're most likely getting a WR2 for a guy I'd consider a top 3 TE as opposed to a low-end WR1. Everything I'm reading indicates that Houston is going to move Fuller since they can't re-sign him, so I'd personally be surprised if he stays put. I do think if you can stream a solid TE this week you can get TE1 production form Goedert until Ertz returns, and TE2 productio
  2. A factor you have to consider is that it's very possible Fuller gets dealt before the deadline. Let's say he goes to Green Bay since they're apparently pushing hard to acquire him. I think from a fantasy perspective he becomes slightly less valuable in that scenario. If he stays put or goes somewhere where he is the unquestioned WR1 in that offense, I think the deal is fine, but you won't know that until after you make the trade. So that makes it tough. Because you need a WR this week and have Goedert, I think you probably do it, but it could definitely be a deal you regret by season's end, es
  3. Yeah, I'm torn. I think they're fine, too, but I just don't like the uncertainty of the situation. San Fran's offense is a wreck even when Mostert comes back and becomes the bell cow, and I have my doubts a Chargers team that isn't going to be in the playoff hunt will give Ekeler a featured role. Plus Goedert, Engram, Hurst, Gesicki, etc are all available on waivers to stream week to week.
  4. AJ Brown has WR1 upside if he isn't one already. Zeke still has the upside to be the RB1 in fantasy. Even if we're all on the right track and Zeke is a more like an RB2 because of Dalton and that line, you're probably giving up a bunch of RB 3s to get him. The only way this truly backfires on you is if CEH and Thielen both get injured. It's much more likely Zeke reemerges and Brown keeps up his WR1 pace that he's been on for the last calendar year than it is that everything on planet Earth breaks just right for the guy you're trading with and Jefferson and Bell become a WR1 and RB1.
  5. 8 team PPR: Record 6-2 QB- WIlson RB- Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert, Justin Jackson, McKinnon WR- Julio Jones, Metcalf, AJ Brown, AJ Green, Slayton, Jamison Crowder (if I win my waiver claim) TE- Kelce K- Tucker D/ST- Steelers I like my team, but my running back situation scares me. Mostert and Ekeler should theoretically both be back to their usual featured roles by the time the playoffs roll around in week 14, but I think it'd be smart to reinforce that position if I can. That's where trading Kelce comes in. The guy who has Kittle is about to be 4-4 and is
  6. I think you won this trade decisively if I'm being honest. Jefferson's emergence and Cousins decline cap Theilen's ceiling in an offense that is still going to be extremely run heavy, Kenyan Drake isn't at all involved in Arizona's passing attack, and I personally think Tonyan was a flash in the pan who won't be fantasy relevant more than 1 or 2 more times this year now that he's the 4th option in that offense (at best). Meanwhile Robinson is on pace to push 140 targets by season's end, Miles Sanders has an incredibly soft schedule after the bye next week, and DJ Moore just got 11 targets last
  7. I think you got the best player in the trade in AJ Brown, so I'm ok with it. I feel bad for you though. The last few weeks have not been kind to you at all in terms of injuries, signings, and the like.
  8. So this is an 8 team PPR redraft league. One guy is 5-1, another guy is 1-5. I look at this trade (mostly the timing of it) and shake my head. 1-5 team trades: Christian McCaffery and Chase Claypool 5-1 team trades: David Johnson, Terry McLaurin, Melvin Gordon There's parts of the trade I get obviously. I actually think Claypool is a viable sell-high in season long with Johnson due back, and I think McLaurin is a great buy low now that he escapes the shadow coverage hell he has been stuck in for 5 weeks. But why in the world would you trade McCaffery now if you held him until li
  9. You could probably do better, but I'm very high on RoJo. This will be an unpopular opinion potentially, but it's the correct one. Leonard Fournette shouldn't threaten anyone ever. He's not even overrated. He's just plain bad. His yards per touch numbers during his "breakout" last year were abysmal. He was a benefactor of getting an obscene amount of volume in that Minshew led offense, and I don't see any possible way Fournette unseats him after what he's done these past two weeks.
  10. 8 team redraft PPR team, 5-1 record: QB: Russell Wilson RB: Kamara, Ekeler, Justin Jackson, Mostert, McKinnon, Boston Scott, Phillip Lindsay WR: Julio, Metcalf, OBJ, AJ Brown, Slayton TE: Kelce D/ST: Steelers K: Justin Tucker A guy in my league is 3-3 and flying by the seat of his pants at WR. Every week he's claiming the hot commodity on the waiver wire because all of his WRs not named Will Fuller are either under-performing, nursing an injury, or saddled with Andy Dalton as their QB. He has Fuller, JuJu, Landry, CeeDee, Higgins, and Fulgham as his options,
  11. I actually think you're selling low on McLaurin. Obviously no one loves his QB situation, but he's going to ball out in the coming weeks imo. He's had an absolutely brutal schedule as far as matchups are concerned to start the season. He has gotten shadowed by; Slay, Pat Pete, Ward, Ramsey, and Bradberry, Just a brutal stretch.You're also selling low on Drake if that trade was offered pre-MNF. I don't hate it, but I do think you could theoretically get more in return than you're getting.
  12. Swift only had a 38% snap percentage on Sunday. I love him as a player, but the volume just isn't anywhere near where it needs to be for him to produce consistently. AP vultures goal line touches, Kerryon takes some targets, and Matt Patricia is dumb. If you really, truly think he takes control of that committee at some point before season's end then I guess maybe I can see why you'd do this deal. But even though I'd almost always say RB>>>>QB, trading the QB1 for a guy who despite this recent surge is still in an extremely volatile situation doesn't seem smart to me.
  13. Gordon was out on the town during this schedule-altering pandemic going 90 before he got pulled over reeking of booze by the cops. Fangio said himself last week he expects Gordon to face "severe punishment" from the league office. There's not a chance in hell Rog isn't throwing the book at him once his DUI charge is processed in court in the middle of November. Plus Lindsay just put ran for 101 on the Pats on Sunday. You absolutely do this trade and sell Gordon while you can.
  14. Cam gets almost all of NE's red zone carries and on a day where he threw for 175 and 2 INTs still had 19 fantasy points. AND YOU'RE GETTING DERRICK HENRY IN STANDARD for a QB. This is an absolute heist on your end, and I hope you accept it before the guy who proposed it comes to his senses
  15. I sort of hate this trade as an entity lol. Johnson can't stay healthy, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Julio gets shut down at any point in time, and Drake could get usurped by Edmonds any day now. I guess in principle you're getting the highest ceiling asset at this time, but Drake could theoretically turn things around I guess, then he's more valuable than Julio just because of his position. It's just a lot of headaches and guessing games to have to play on everyone's part, and I'd say it depends on how much faith you have in Julio (I'm a Julio owner and I honestly have next to non
  16. For me any trade involving Elliot is simple. If you're giving him up, you lost the trade.
  17. Fellow OBJ owner here. He's a perplexing fantasy asset. On the one hand, he's in a run heavy scheme with a QB who, I'll be kind, is very average. On the other had, he has an insane target share and is top 10 in expected fantasy points. Two RBs is good value, and you have to think Ekeler produces late in the season, but there's a part of me that looks at the Browns schedule and thinks OBJ has a handful of great performances left.
  18. I think you absolutely do that deal. Running backs are in insanely high demand, and you're getting the current RB1 at what I'd call a sizeable discount. In one of my money leagues, I was able to flip Mixon in a package deal where I got Kelce and Metcalf after Mixon's massacre of Jacksonville. That sort of return seems to be pretty common when you're dealing any RB1, let alone Kamara. Wait until Conner or Taylor have a breakout week and flip them for a WR.
  19. Stafford's schedule is pretty soft in the next month and a half. I'd stream him the next few weeks against Jacksonville and Atlanta and see how he does.
  20. I like Taylor more as a football player, but Robinson might be the slightly better asset to have right this second in PPR given Taylor's relative lack of involvement in the passing game. So I'd say it depends on who you personally like and trust more going forward. It's also quite possible he values one of them pretty highly, especially if he's willing to offer you Zeke in return, which I personally think is crazy. So the call may ultimately be his to make.
  21. With Thomas due back I think Kamara gets more carries and less targets, with Murray being the guy who is most adversely impacted in that offense. I do that trade 10/10 times tbh.
  22. AJ Brown is going to be a monster down the stretch imo, but I think Zeke ends up as the RB1 at season's end with Dak's injury. I absolutely think DK and Golladay are must starts almost every week going forward, and getting Zeke does way more for your team moving forward than keeping AJ Brown does.
  23. It's hard to say. I'd poke around and see how he feels about Diontae Johnson and James Robinson. Johnson still has value in PPR because of the target share he has in games where he is healthy, and as I said I don't love Robinson's situation, but on the surface he's still getting enough touches and has had enough success up to this point to be a valuable commodity. I think with all of Pittsburgh's weapons and Robinson's concerning snap count drop you're selling volatile pieces at the right time. Obviously you might value those guys more than I do, which is also understandable.
  24. Considering the Dak injury and the fact it's .5 PPR, I probably do the deal. You're getting a guy most people are anointing as the new WR1 in dynasty formats in Metcalf, plus it appears Fangio might use Lindsay as a slot receiver at times for the rest of this season in Denver. Losing Taylor and his upside is tough, but I think getting the most valuable guy in the trade is important, especially in a keeper league.
  25. You have to assume 1-3 of the 8 targets Watkins was getting per game end up in CEH's hands while Watkins is shelved, and in PPR Taylor isn't nearly as valuable as he is in standard. Plus Robinson isn't used extensively by Jacksonville in games where they're trailing, and his snap count against Houston was his lowest of the season at just 57% (Chris Thompson saw his snap count rise form 24% against Cincy to 40% against Houston). I think buying low on CEH makes sense, and there's a good chance he ends up being the most valuable player in PPR out of the 3 (assuming the Chiefs don't sign Bell lol)
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