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  1. Can't blame Tua for that dropped TD though. Should have caught that one.
  2. On the flip side, he's awesome for us Gesicki owners! Keep Tua out there and feed big Mike!
  3. Any new update on his health going into this week?
  4. 18 targets yesterday 😍. Honestly though it's my first year having him on my team and he's been awesome. So productive even with the low volume.
  5. That's it. I'm naming my first born son Dalvin.
  6. Fire him up boys. Bills run D is trash. Don't overthink this.
  7. Biggest problem is lack of goal line opportunities capping his ceiling. Lynn only uses Kelley at the goal line.
  8. I loved seeing Lev Bell fail to get the 4 and 1. I hope people will stop claiming this man is a bruiser and will pick up short yardage and goal line opportunities with more efficiency then CEH. I hope Lev Bell just takes all of D Wills snaps and everything else goes back to before.
  9. I laugh when people say Mattison is a bigger Cook. Mattison will never in his life have a game anywhere close to the games cook has consistently produced over the years. This man is on another level.
  10. He's not a target volume play right now anyways and is still producing. He can either be expected to be where he's at right, low end WR1, or be even better if Patricia stops being an idiot and actually uses the best weapon on the team.
  11. Am I crazy in thinking Greg Olsen ROS is a safer play then other low end TE1s like Hayden Hurst or Dalton Shultz? I think he's firmly going to see the third most targets on the "Let Russ Cook" Seahawks offense that will be among the top 5 scoring offenses in the league. Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister appear to be non factors and Russ loves throwing to tight ends unlike Matt Ryan who barely seems to look at Hurst's direction unless the play is called specifically for him. Plus both Hurst and Shultz are competing with Gage and Lamb/Gallop for the third option role. Am I crazy in thi
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