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  1. In .5 PPR redraft: Gave: Devin Singletary, DeVante Parker Received: James Conner
  2. Probably a bit dependent on your individual league, but I'm personally letting him go. Hasn't been terrible, but I can't really afford to be using a bench spot on a decent QB2 when I play in a 1 QB league with a few acceptable options out there on waivers.
  3. Who do you like in .5 PPR? Parker @ SF Lamb vs. NYG WHIR
  4. I have the same dilemma with Parker and Lamb, right now I'm leaning towards Ceedee.
  5. ^Of those three, I think I'd roll Herbert out there. Gut feeling more than any real reason.
  6. I'll go against the grain and say I like JuJu in full PPR. Slay is probably going to be on Johnson all day, which should leave the rest of Ben's weapons to feast.
  7. Pats-Broncos is being pushed to Week 6, so you have to go Gallup and Gaskin.
  8. I think that's a really solid plan. If Thomas plays he has to be in lineups, so you having a really solid insurance policy in case he can't go makes this a no-brainer for me.
  9. Hmm, tough one but I think you go Drake and trust he gets out of his slump this week. If you can't start your (likely) first round pick against the Jets then who can you start him against?
  10. Personally, the upgrade from Kupp to Metcalf isn't big enough to justify the downgrade from Robinson to Freeman for me.
  11. How badly do you need a win? I wouldn't touch Hilton with a 10 foot pole right now, but Bell is probably your safest choice. If you desperately need a win though, I think you have to go Thomas and if he ends up not playing then maybe you can get a Trequan Smith, Mike Williams type off waivers?
  12. I also like Big Ben, outside of Slay the Philly pass D is Swiss cheese.
  13. No Pats game this week according to Schefter. Titans are looking unlikely as well. I think the only play here is to cross your fingers on Julio and Green.
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