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  1. Exactly. The Packers defense really isn’t good. I know we all live in the fantasy football world, and if you look at the game logs, the Packers had a couple of games around 10 points, and the rest of them are just a few points a game. 11 picks, 41 sacks, 10 fumble recoveries, 1 defensive TD. They are solid numbers, but far from the “elite” defense that these “experts” on TV seem to think they are. Rams had 2 easy picks there and missed both opportunities. One of them could have possibly been a pick 6. Should be 16-10, or even 17-16 Rams, at halftime. If Rams keep gashing them with Akers, it w
  2. Rams need to score here before the half. Rams do have weapons on offense, and the defense thrives when the offense moves the ball. In my opinion, the Rams offense has more of an advantage over the Packers defense than the Packers offense has on the Rams defense. Holding out hope that this can be a really close, really good game, by the end of the day.
  3. Bill isn’t trying to win. Punt on 4th and 3 on the Bills side of the field? Down 31-9? I wouldn’t be surprised if his job was in trouble at some point. If the team comes out next year like this, the Tom Brady days will be forgotten quick.
  4. My thoughts as well! And hey, they actually called roughing the passer for this guy. Cam won’t ever get those calls anymore.
  5. Agree completely. They should have stuck the kid in long ago. Cam shouldn’t be the future of any franchise at the QB position. Maybe he can take Colinsworth’s spot on the talk side of things. That guy gets more and more annoying every year I watch football.
  6. If NE wants any chance at a comeback in the 2nd half, it won’t be with Cam at QB. He could, however, replace those sad sacks of a TE group that NE has, and maybe catch a TD or two.
  7. Cam is a sad excuse for a QB at this point. They should move him to TE and let him add some weight. He can’t throw the ball 10 yards. Kind of easy to defend against him these days. You always know what’s coming.
  8. Rams have too many weapons, and Goff will Find his timing. The Jets will lose on purpose before the end if they have to. You aren’t going to toss away your meal ticket to a true franchise guy. They also have the most money in the NFL to spend next season to go with him. Unfortunately, none of it will matter if they don’t make a coaching change. That man has proven to everyone that he can lose with anyone.
  9. Take Jimmy G out, throw it to your short speed guy who is double covered instead. Sounds about right.
  10. I could have sworn 2 minutes drained off the clock once he was stood up.
  11. Yep, but the commercials leading up to the game always advertise Mack vs Donald, since they know neither team can score.
  12. Thanks man! Just wish I had done a better job proofreading before I hit submit. Haha.
  13. I think you are right here, to some extent. It is a system built for Murray, and around his skills. Do I think it’s a system built for Murray to the extent that Baltimore set up for Lamar? No, it’s not close to that type of system. What we saw tonight is the ideal personal group for the Cards. Edmonds’ game is suited to be the workhorse back in this system. He is far superior in the pass game, in the option, and the speed of play that Zona likes to run. You don’t need a TE with this personal group. You have Kirk and Hop, who have to be respected, and even doubled, on the outside. You have Fitz
  14. Typical NFL game. The Niners dominate first half, then stop doing what works all together in the 2nd half. It’s almost like it’s scripted that way. If they played the 2nd half like they did the first half, they could have scored another 21 points or so, with the 2 WRs and TE having huge numbers, Jimmy G would have 5 TDs, and the game would have been over before the 4th started. Ill Never understand why teams just stop doing what got them where they are. The defense didn’t change, or get better, they just simply stopped doing what worked. Makes for more drama!
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