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  1. We decided that managers could have a proxy for a proxy if both games were in danger of being cancelled so she had Jeudy > Brown > Tate. And yeah, they can just make the swap themselves which is why I would like to allow it but I know others disagree.
  2. Thanks. I think I am just going to let people choose a proxy right up until that particular game rather than having a Sunday morning deadline. I don't want the proxy scenario to be a disadvantage to anyone - I get that it's an extension we wouldn't normally allow but I think it's more fun that way and in this particular league, I have 7 managers new to the sport and fantasy.
  3. *Sigh* this exact situation happened. Manager had Jeudy with John Brown selected as proxy before all Sunday games. Denver game got postponed but John Brown is now out. Manager also has AJ Brown who is playing today. Anyone else have any opinion on whether I should allow manager to change to AJ Brown?
  4. It's under Commissioner Tools > Manage Other Teams > Edit Rosters
  5. Agree that it's easier to implement and enforce. To clarify though, are you saying 1) if a manager had Jeudy starting with John Brown declared as their replacement player before the Sunday morning games but then John Brown is declared out due to injury, they could swap their primary player to AJ Brown before that game started? 2) if a Sunday morning game was cancelled, would you allow managers to choose another replacement player from the afternoon games if the morning games had started? Phew, complicated. Trying not to get nitpicky and know you can't cover every situation but w
  6. Thanks Impreza, what is your reasoning behind that if you had to explain it to your league mates? I can see the argument that if you didn't have the replacement player system, they would have up until the Monday game to make their decision.
  7. For those using replacement players, are you allowing managers to choose their replacement player right up until that particular game time or before all games on the Sunday slate? For example, if you had two players playing Monday night and one was questionable, do you allow them to wait and see before choosing which player to use as a proxy?
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